• Quiet pioneer

    Retired Maj. Gen. Dewey K. K. Lowe didn't set out to be a pioneer; like so many of his generation, he just wanted to fly. Lowe born in 1924, in Oakland, California to immigrant parents, his father died when he was2 years old, leaving his widowed mother to raise three small children.The fact they

  • Who has heard of Special Victims' Counsel?

    When I first briefed the Special Victims' Counsel Program at Right Start and First Term Airman Center briefings here, audience participation was slim to none. It appeared as though the group I briefed was not interested in learning more about our program or that they didn't know anything about it

  • April is America's PrepareAthon month

    Everyone plays an important role in bolstering our preparedness for hazards of all types. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched the "America's PrepareAthon" campaign to build and sustain national preparedness.Thousands of individuals, organizations, schools, and local governments

  • Nellis AFB goes green for Earth Day

    The first Earth Day occurred April 22, 1970, and was introduced by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. More than 20 million people and thousands of local schools and communities participated in the first Earth Day in the U.S.Across the Air Force today, installations are taking aggressive

  • Button your lip! Loose talk can cost lives

    "Button your lip! Loose talk can cost lives," was an operations security propaganda phrase used during World War II which still rings true today. It now goes beyond just buttoning your lips to include "zipping up" your social media sites.Safe web-browsing practices and OPSEC awareness are the best

  • JEPAC partners with Patriots during Red Flag 15-2

    The Joint Electromagnetic Preparedness for Advanced Combat unit integrated into Red Flag 15-2 to partner with exercise participants here, March 2 through 13.JEPAC partners with all branches of the U.S. military and the combatant commands to identify joint electromagnetic spectrum capability gaps and

  • Red light special

    So there I was in my early 90s sedan. I was sitting at the red light directly outside of the base driving towards West Craig to start my commute home after a long day of work.  The very moment the light turned green, I noticed oncoming traffic didn't stop. I looked up and I clearly saw that my light

  • On war, football: Sun Tzu, Bill Belichick conversation

    Sun Tzu, the legendary Chinese military general, lived over two thousand years ago. He's best known for his famous book "The Art of War" -- a masterpiece that endures today as a crafty reference guide, applicable not only to war fighting, but also many other pursuits.If "The Art of Football" is to

  • Diversity is Biomedical Sciences Corps strength

    The Biomedical Sciences Corps will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Order CA-5, which established the Air Force Medical Services Biomedical Sciences Corps, here Jan. 28.Many Airmen, new and seasoned, are unfamiliar with the five distinct branches of the U.S. Air Force Medical Service corps,

  • Holiday Safety Wish

    Ready or not the holiday season is here.  You can find the signs everywhere; newspaper advertisements promoting sales, stores decorated in glitter and trim, lawn ornaments, and window lights flashing holiday message--Tis' the season to be jolly.  People are starting to make plans for shopping,