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Flyover and Static Displays

Please note that our email address has changed to 57WG.PA.CommunityEngagement@us.af.mil. We are no longer able to receive emails sent to our previous email address: 99abw.paoutreach@us.af.mil.

Requests for an Air Force flyover or static display may be made through the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events website: https://www.airshows.pa.hq.af.mil/PublicSite/index.cfm?fwa=home.


If your request is approved by the Air Force and FAA, please email the Nellis Air Force Base Public Affairs Community Engagement team at

57WG.PA.CommunityEngagement@us.af.mil for further coordination. In your email, include the request number and email confirmation provided by the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events website.



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