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Nellis Virtual Finance Assistant

Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, the Nellis Chat Bot, found at the bottom corner of your screen, is the only customer service support finance will be providing.

The Nellis Chat Bot is a new, time efficient way to handle your finance needs.  

This streamlined program, allows the Nellis finance team to address your specific issues faster without having to go to the finance office.  


Customers will be able to speak directly to a finance Airman through any internet connection, including mobile devices.


If you have experience any trouble with the bot, or if you accidentally closed the chat at the end of the conversation before you got to complete the feedback, please tell us about your experience using this link: Chat bot help & feedback


Try the bot now. For the best experience using our chat bot, please utilize Google Chrome.

Finance Briefings

Nellis Finance PCS In-processing Briefing

We ask that all newly arrived members attend our in-processing briefing so we can ensure they are gained to Nellis, their travel vouchers are processed, and their pay is correct.


Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, everyone needing to in-process to Nellis must in-process through the Chat Bot, you can find the Chat Bot at the bottom right corner of your screen where it says “Chat with us."


Operating hours are from 0800-1300 Monday-Thursday


Nellis Finance Retirement/Separation Briefing


Allow us to administer your Retirement/Separation Brief through the Nellis Chat Bot.


Please attend at least 14 days prior to your final out with orders.


Please have your permissive and terminal leave routed and approved prior to attending.


Operating hours are from 0800-1300 Monday - Thursday



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