Environmental Policy

We, Nellis AFB, Creech AFB, and the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), are stewards of the environment. We will perform our duties following the legal requirements while preventing pollution and continually improving our environmental programs. The Environmental Management System (EMS) Cross Functional Team (CFT), subcommittees, and other working groups will provide the driving force to achieve our environmental goals and targets.

2023 Environmental Commitment Statement

Nevada Test & Training Range

The Nevada Test and Training Range consists of approximately 2.95 million acres of federal land that has been withdrawn from public use and reserved for military use. The Air Force plans to notify Congress of a continuing need for the NTTR. Congress will make the final decision as to whether or not to renew the NTTR land withdrawal. The current withdrawal will expire in November 2021 unless Congress enacts legislation to extend it.

For more information, and to view the final LEIS visit: www.nttrleis.com.

Press Releases:

Air Force Announces Final LEIS For NTTR
Air Force releases NTTR military land withdrawal Draft LEIS
Air Force to evaluate environmental effects associated with NTTR military land withdrawal

how to submit comments

Paper and electronic copies of these documents may be requested from the Nellis AFB Public Affairs Office (702 652-2750) or by downloading them via the links on this page. Please provide any comments on draft environmental documents by the public comment period closing dates. Comments should be mailed to:

57th Wing Public Affairs
4430 Grissom Ave.
Nellis AFB, NV 89191

Environmental Documents

January 2024
INRMP Draft EA Appendices

April 2022
Final Environmental Assessment Contracted Close Air Support

Draft Environmental Assessment for Installation Development

Addition of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, Addition of F-22A Raptors and Contract Adversary Air
Final Environmental Assessment
October 2021 (8.7 MB, PDF file)
October 2021 (37.2 MB, PDF file)

Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR)
Expansion of Stagecoach Road in Range 63
Draft Environmental Assessment
March 2021 (25.5 MB, PDF file)

Draft U.S. Air Force Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan
December 2023 (17.3 MB, PDF file)

Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) Land Withdrawal

Legislative Environmental Impact Statement Executive Summary - October 2018 (18.2 MB, PDF file)

Final NTTR LEIS – October 2018 (70.3 MB, PDF file)

NTTR LEIS Appendices A-K – October 2018 (154 MB, PDF file)


Final Environmental Assessment for the Range Wash from Las Vegas Boulevard to the Confluence Detention Basin

August 2018 (18.3 MB, PDF file)


Nellis AFB City of North Las Vegas Reclaimed Waterline Project Final Environment Assessment 
Dec 2017 (PDF file)

Nellis AFB Beddown of Tactical Air Support Squadron Final  Environmental Assessment
June 2017 (PDF file)

Fire Management for the Cedar Peak Area on the Nevada Test and Training Range Final Environmental Assessment
July 2015 (15.8 MB, PDF file)

Nellis Air Force Base School Initiative Final Environmental Assessment
April 2015 (14.7 MB, PDF file)

Range 71 Desert Operations Area Expansion Environmental Assessment

January 2014 (4.2 MB, PDF file)


Nellis AFB Capital Improvements Program Environmental Assessment

August 2013 (5.2 MB, PDF file)


Creech AFB Capital Improvements Program Environmental Assessment

November 2013 (5.3 MB, PDF file)


Nellis Nevada Test and Training Range Wildland Fire Management Plan Final Report

September 2012 (17.4 MB, PDF file)


Mike O’Callaghan Federal Medical Center Campus Final Environmental Assessment

March 2012 (8.4 MB, PDF file)


F-35 Force Development Evaluation and Weapons School Beddown, Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.

Record of Decision - June 2011 (353 KB PDF file)

Final Environmental Impact Statement - May 2011 (23.3 MB PDF file)


Outgrant for Construction and Operation of a Solar Photovoltaic System in Area I Final Environmental Assessment

March 2011 (2.9 MB PDF file)


Acquisition of Resort Property Located in Indian Springs, Nevada Final Environmental Assessment

December 2011 (4.43 MB, PDF file)


Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Environmental Assessment for Realignment of Nellis Air Force Base

March 2007 (15.7 MB, PDF file)