Nellis and Creech Air Force Bases have played important roles in Southern Nevada since the early 1940s. Nellis AFB has a primary mission of training military personnel to fly, fight and win, utilizing the 2.9 million-acre Nevada Test and Training Range. In January 2015, Nellis – the leader in combat aircrew training in the U.S. Air Force – welcomed its first F-35 Lightning II, the latest fifth-generation stealth multirole fighter, while Creech continues to be a pivotal resource in the fight continuously tasked by our nation’s leadership.

From extensive combat operations to quick reaction humanitarian missions, the latest satellite technology allows Creech Airmen to fly remotely piloted aircraft locally and around the globe. In order to support these diverse, complex missions, the installations are home to the largest civil engineer, communications, readiness and force support squadrons, as well as the largest medical center, in Air Combat Command.

This Economic Impact Analysis provides information about Nellis, Creech and NTTR’s impact on the local economy. It provides a better understanding of how important the bases are to Southern Nevada and their neighboring communities.

Economic Impact Analysis FY 2023
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2022
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2021 
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2020 
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2019 Tri-fold
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2017
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2017 Tri-fold
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2016
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2015
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2015 Tri-fold
Economic Impact Analysis FY 2014


National Historic Preservation Act

The 99th Civil Engineer Squadron Cultural Resources Program, alongside the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, ensures Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Test and Training Center follows the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) established in 1966. This partnership allows compliance to the State Historic Preservation Office Section 106, which mandates that the installation and 99 CES projects follow historic preservation in federal project planning.

NHPA: Test Facility 2023
NHPA: A-10 Hangers 2023
NHPA: Munitions Facility 2023
NHPA: Building 10237 2023
NHPA: Buildings 850 and 852 2023
NHPA: Threat Pads 2023
NHPA: Nellis Small Arms Range Remediation 2024