The Air Installation Compatibility Use Zone (AICUZ) program is designed to achieve compatible uses of public and private lands in the vicinity of military airfields by controlling incompatible development through local actions. This study provides noise contours based on the Day-Night Average A-weighted Sound Level (DNL) metric used by the Air Force. The report also provides the information necessary to maximize beneficial use of the land surrounding Nellis Air Force Base, while minimizing the potential for degradation of the safety, health, and welfare of the affected public. For more information on the AICUZ study please click here.


We strive to be good neighbors to the surrounding community, if you wish to provide information about an aircraft noise disturbance please click the link above. 

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, is one of the largest fighter bases in the world. Aircraft from Nellis AFB operate on the Nevada Test and Training Range, which occupies 2.9 million acres of land and 5,000 square miles of airspace. We understand at times many communities in southern Nevada may see and hear Nellis aircraft. From 100 feet above the ground to twice the speed of sound, Nellis conducts advanced combat training, performs operational test and evaluation, and develops tactics to provide realistic training for servicemembers.

While it is difficult to project increases or decreases in air traffic – since these vary based on training needs, maintenance schedules and other factors – we will issue noise advisories for specific upcoming exercises, which may represent an increase in flight activity.