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  • Information security part of everything we do

    It's been one of those days. You are super busy and your unit just received another tasking. You are trying to do five jobs at once and don't even have time to think. You decide to help your unit deployment manager get the word out and forward an email you received about a deployment to co-workers who are on shift work. You noticed there was some
  • No hazard zone

    Have you ever driven your vehicle over an unknown pot hole, got angry and just blew it off? Then the next time you came to the same area you simply drove around it.In this situation, like most hazardous situations, an important step missed is to report the incident. Let's think about this from a different angle. Suppose you swerved to miss this
  • Lessons learned: Deployment exercise gives new insight

    As a civil engineer and a RED HORSE 'Horseman', I have seen my fair share of deployments, five to the Middle East. Each one has been drastically different than the other, providing a broad range of experiences. In late 2013, I was told I was deploying to Belize. How do you deploy to Belize? How is a deployment an exercise? What could I possibly
  • I am second: USAFWC command chief bids farewell after 30 years

    I am second. As a senior enlisted leader I am often asked about my opinion or views on leadership and what makes a good leader. As I've reflected over the past year in preparation for my transition [to civilian life], I continue to come back to the same principle: make the other people in your life the priority and not yourself. When we put the
  • Farewell to 'Mecca'

    When I flew up initial [in the overhead flight pattern] at Nellis AFB for the first time almost 20 years ago, I was a young wingman in an F-15 on my way from Georgia to Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. As my flight lead Chewy and I charted our route on a map back at base operations, I eagerly asked him where we'd be stopping on our way to McChord AFB, where
  • Difficult force shaping calls made tougher by undeserved 'Firewall 5's'

    I was not a very good Airman in the early days of my Air Force career. I was passably good at my job and very bad at the Air Force. Here is an actual quote from one of my early Enlisted Performance Reports, "Improved responsibility in off-duty affairs would quickly set this top-notch performer above the rest." Literally translated it says,"Stop
  • Leader, wingman, father

    I am a new Airman at Nellis Air Force Base, and, as Father's Day rolls around I'm not home to celebrate. Since I can't celebrate with my father, I find myself more inclined to produce a sentimental approach this year. In honor of father's day, I've decided to write a letter.Dear Dad,When I was born you had already been in the Air Force for 10
  • FTAC: Bridging gaps for new Airmen

    Everyday new Airmen graduate from technical school and move on to their first duty station. In doing so, the beginning weeks of a first-term Airman's transition to the operational Air Force can be quite unclear and stressful. As a first-term Airman when I arrived here, I didn't know anything the base had to offer. That changed when I went to the
  • Terminating your lease can be easy

    As summer approaches and many of you prepare for a permanent change of station; you may find yourself in a dilemma. You just received PCS orders, but your lease isn't up for another six months. As a military member, you have protection under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. You can use SCRA to terminate a residential lease for a variety of
  • Man of honor

    This story is part of the "Commentaries" section on AF.mil. These stories capture the experiences of Airmen from a first-person perspective. "Anyone can carry his burden, however hard until nightfall; anyone can do his work however hard for one day."These words were penned by Robert Louis Stevenson about one hundred years before retired Air Force

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