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  • 'Painting' with MICT

    What are you doing to get ready for the Air Combat Command Inspector General inspection in November?Are you cleaning up everything in the Management Internal Control Toolset, also known as MICT? Oops. Trick question. The last thing you want to do is prepare for "the inspection."With MICT at the forefront of the new Air Force Inspection System, or
  • On/off duty -- we are Airmen 24/7

    My job as a public affairs professional consists specifically of communicating with the public to gain support for our Air Force personnel, resources and missions.Although my job's primary purpose is to strengthen the bonds between the Air Force and the public to promote public understanding and support of the Air Force, I can tell you we make our
  • ‘Yanks’ in the RAF

    On June 18, 1940 Winston Churchill stood before the House of Commons and spoke. One day before, the French requested an armistice, and scant weeks earlier, the miracle evacuation at Dunkirk saved more than 338,000 British and French soldiers from German POW camps or worse. In closing, Churchill made the stakes clear, saying "What Gen. (Maxime)
  • F-35A plays role for first time in USAFWS Integration Phase

    The F-35A Lightning II achieved another major milestone during the recent capstone large-force employment event, known as the (U.S. Air Force) Weapons School Integration (WSINT) Phase.Assigned to the 16th Weapons Squadron, two F-35As executed a wide range of missions from June 8 to 24, 2015 -- the first time an F-35 has participated in a WSINT
  • Staying safe during flash flood season

    July is here with high temperatures and a high chance of flash flooding. The months with the highest probability for thunderstorms are July through September. Las Vegas' annual rainfall is approximately 4.13 inches, and while this may not seem like a lot of rain, the elevation of Las Vegas makes a big difference. Elevation levels in the Las Vegas
  • Dear Dad: A letter to my father

    I sat in the very back of the classroom, not paying much attention to the man in blue giving a presentation to my eighth grade civics class. He was saying something about core values, pride and doing something for the community you could be proud of.He told stories of how the students in his program grew and gained the confidence to lead. He spoke
  • History behind Air Force guidon

    This time of year, hardly a day goes by when there isn't a ceremony somewhere in the world with four people in front of a formation.The guidon bearer, usually the senior enlisted member or first sergeant, stands behind three officers and at the appointed time, hands the flag or guidon to the outgoing commander who presents it to the presiding
  • Quiet pioneer

    Retired Maj. Gen. Dewey K. K. Lowe didn't set out to be a pioneer; like so many of his generation, he just wanted to fly. Lowe born in 1924, in Oakland, California to immigrant parents, his father died when he was2 years old, leaving his widowed mother to raise three small children.The fact they were Chinese made it harder. His mother moved them to
  • Who has heard of Special Victims' Counsel?

    When I first briefed the Special Victims' Counsel Program at Right Start and First Term Airman Center briefings here, audience participation was slim to none. It appeared as though the group I briefed was not interested in learning more about our program or that they didn't know anything about it prior to the briefing. The lack of response caused
  • April is America's PrepareAthon month

    Everyone plays an important role in bolstering our preparedness for hazards of all types. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched the "America's PrepareAthon" campaign to build and sustain national preparedness.Thousands of individuals, organizations, schools, and local governments across the nation are actively participating in

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