The civic leader program was developed to create one-on-one opportunities to educate key community members about the missions of the U.S. Air Force, Nellis Air Force Base, and the Nevada Test & Training Range. The program provides a unique opportunity for Southern Nevada area community members to shadow Nellis leaders to encourage an exchange of ideas, share experiences and foster a supportive relationship with the community.    

What to expect

You will be invited to learn what goes on behind the gates and get opportunities to meet the people and see the aircraft that help make our mission happen.


As a civic leader, you will be assigned to a specific unit during your participation in the program.


You can expect to:

  • learn the specifics about your unit
  • gain a better understanding of the Nellis mission
  • be invited to unit and base events
  • network with other base leadership and honorary commanders
  • be the first to hear about what’s new at Nellis Air Force Base

Our installations have remained a national security asset for several years, in large measure, because of the outstanding community support from people like you. It is important to us that we continue to maintain strong ties with the community through events and programs like this.


For more information about the civic leader program, contact the Nellis Air Force Base Public Affairs office at 702-652-2750 or email