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DBIDS Virtual Enrollment System

Instead of having to physically come to the Visitor Control Center (VCC), sponsors can obtain a DBIDS Virtual Enrollment System pass via email.

  1. Sponsor should email the VCC at 99SFS.VCC.VisitorCenter@us.af.mil from a .mil email to request a pass 
  2. VCC will provide a Pass Request Form 
  3. Sponsor will fill out the Pass Request Form
  4. Sponsor will pre-enroll the guest in DBIDS at https://dbids-global-enroll.dmdc.mil/
  5. Sponsor will email back the Pass Request Form along with the confirmation code from the pre-enrollment and a picture of the Visitor’s REAL ID Compliant ID
  6. VCC will then conduct a background check
  7. DBIDS visitor pass will be created and printed
  8. Visitor Pass will be scanned and emailed back to sponsor