Curriculum Year 1

Family Medicine Residency (FMR) residents at a mystery event
First Year Internship is the seminal event in your medical education, when you no longer feel like an imposter when someone calls you "doctor" and your professional confidence blossoms.  To help you on this path, we structure the year to provide stability and minimal travel to downtown civilian medical centers.  The year is broken up into 13 x4-week blocks:
  • Adult inpatient medicine at the Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center (4 months)
  • Obstetrics/gynecology (3 months, 1 on labor and delivery in house and 1 downtown, and 1 of OB/GYN clinic)
  • Pediatrics (1 month downtown inpatient; 1 month AF nursery and clinic)
  • General surgery (1 month)
  • Orthopedics/Sports Medicine/Radiology (1 month)
  • Geriatrics (2 weeks)
  • 2 weeks are elective, with 2 more weeks for research/area of concentration
After completing the in-house Labor and Delivery and OB/Gyn clinic rotations, residents begin to follow pregnant patients from the time that they discover they are pregnant, all the way to delivery and post-partum.  This continuity develops a strong rapport and fulfilling relationship with these families.
Family Medicine Residency (FMR) residents hiking down a road

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