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  • Diversity is strength of MDG Biomedical Sciences Corps

    The Biomedical Sciences Corps celebrates the 49th anniversary of Special Order CA-5 that established the Air Force Medical Services BSC Jan. 28, and everyone is invited to celebrate with the BSC until Jan. 31.The Air Force Medical Service Corps includes the Nurse Corps, Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Medical Service Corps and BSC. The easiest way to
  • Detached supervision breeds average performance

    Growing up as a child, I got in trouble for getting a "C" grade for my school work and it reflected on my report card. My mother, actively involved in my childhood development, instilled an ethos: "There is an enemy called average; you are not average and an average score isn't acceptable." Some of my friends had "detached parents." Some detached
  • Environmental element stresses recycling importance

    Recycling...one of the three continuous processes in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycling calculus, is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and are instead, turned into new products.Benefits to recycling include reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, the prevention of
  • First Sergeant explains wingman concept

    I would be hard pressed to find anyone, myself included, that at one point or another hasn't gone down the wrong path. Maybe it was walking on the edge of breaking the law or flat out breaking it. Maybe it was financial troubles, sexual misconduct, drinking too much, relationship issues, work performance slipping, not always doing the right thing
  • Heroes by default

    Veterans Day 2013 comes on the heels of what has now been 12 years of constant war. Since 2001, America has been sending some of its best and brightest across the world in support of various combat and humanitarian efforts, most notably the prolonged conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. For 12 years back and forth they've gone; and back and forth
  • First Sergeant stresses importance of on-the-spot corrections

    A senior NCO asked me about five months ago if I had some time to discuss some [Airmen] issues. "Sure, let's discuss it over lunch," I replied. "I'll meet you at the food court." To my surprise the member asked if we could go somewhere else, and said that he avoids the food court like the plague. I laughed and told him the food wasn't that bad to
  • Safety Office explains top five reasons for Thanksgiving Day urgent care visits

    As Americans, we rejoice and celebrate the upcoming holiday season. However, Thanksgiving is the leading holiday for urgent care visits during the holiday season. Whether it is a burn, cut, food poisoning, sprain, strain or fracture or as simple as heartburn, have we learned anything from the mistakes we have previously made?Awareness of the top
  • Chapel celebrates 50 years of connecting people

    As the chapel celebrates its 50th Anniversary this October, 50 years can seem like a long time, but age is relative. For example, there are ongoing debates of how old the universe is, its existence ranging from thousands to billions of years. Consider that the United States is only 237 years old compared to a more mature 763-year-old Stockholm --
  • Conserve energy, save money

    Some people can remember their parents telling them to 'turn the lights off when they leave the room' or 'close the door; you weren't raised in a barn.' Children don't pay bills so why would they worry about wasting energy?As an adult, that mindset can change quickly paying the bill, and create more focus on how to save money. This is where proper
  • 99th Dental Squadron explains early prevention

    After speaking with many Airmen during Annual exams, dental technicians observed some families are unfamiliar with children's dental health. Early prevention is the key, and it starts with the parents. We want the Nellis populace to be ready to help keep their children cavity free. The 99th Dental Squadron educates expectant mothers at each dental

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