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  • Military members: Freedom of speech, social media

    NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. - In today's society of social media, an individual can post a statement on the internet and it will likely be seen by hundreds of viewers within minutes. As military members, however, we should always question how statements we post on-line can negatively impact our careers in the armed forces. There is no question
  • EPR system not broken if used correctly

    I'm not certain how many of you had an opportunity to watch Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Cody's recent comments regarding the enlisted performance report, but I strongly recommend you take a minute to visit the Air Force Portal and check it out. Our leaders at the very highest levels are encouraging us, once again, to apply our
  • Following water safety tips can help Airmen, families stay cool

    In the heat of the Las Vegas summer, triple-digit temperatures have become a daily reality, and Airmen are spending much of their off-duty time looking for ways to stay cool. Lake Mead and the new local water park are two popular options for cooling off and having fun. While each of these options can be a great way to stay cool and have fun this
  • Staying prepared for freak weather

    I just got home after a long day of work Sept. 8, 2011, when the phone rang. It was Senior Master Sgt. Lee Smith, the 99th Civil Engineer Squadron Emergency Management superintendent. He said I needed to return to base, the base had been hit by a microburst causing a base-wide power outage.I have been the Nellis AFB emergency manager since
  • JFEX through a new Airman's eyes

    "The drop is in 12 minutes!" shouted a crew member, struggling to be heard over the roar of the mighty C-17 Globemaster III's four engines, each putting out approximately 40,000 pounds of thrust. Quickly I made my way down the ladder from the flight deck and started the perilous walk towards my seat at the very end of the C-17's massive fuselage,
  • 'An Innovator's DNA:' Col. John Boyd

    Surprisingly, few Airmen have heard of Col. John Boyd, with far fewer aware of his innovative contributions to the advancement of modern-day air power. As the month of May closed and Air Staff feverishly reviewed thousands of innovative ideas submitted by young Airmen, I thought it appropriate to recognize an Airman who committed his entire career
  • Counting down days: Three steps to prepare for deployment at home

    The 30 minute drive to the airport seemed quicker than usual. My wife, who stared at me as I drove down the highway, slowly leaned her head on my shoulder as if to reassure me that everything would be alright."It's only six months," she said softly. "I know that everything will be OK." I nodded; acknowledging what she said, but in reality my mind
  • Getting back to basics; Following standards on base

    I was in the office and a staff sergeant I work with noticed someone walking across a parking lot to the flight kitchen with no hat and no blouse on. I was shocked at what I saw. So much so, I left the office and went into the flight kitchen to let this person know that he must wear his hat and blouse. There is an authorized no-hat area between
  • Mission Focus versus Mission Detractors

    Our mission to fly, fight and win in numerous environments requires intense focus ... minute by minute. If we lose this focus, we risk our mission.Red Flag 13-3 just finished. During this demanding time, we all safely accomplished weapons school, advanced operational tests, Thunderbird season preparation, aggressor operations and base-wide warfare
  • Parent of autistic child asks 'why not?'

    I was truly speechless the moment after his delivery. It was within those first 60 seconds when he was placed on my chest that my world completely changed. Children define the phrase "life altering." They bring love, panic, laughter, tears, distraction, frustration and every stray animal in the neighborhood, while we pray they teach us the patience

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