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  • Progressive relationships

    One of the greatest lessons I learned about building relationships as a chaplain candidate came from the instruction I received from a first sergeant assigned to an explosive ordnance disposal unit. The first sergeant briefed my chaplain candidate class about his unit’s accomplishments and responsibilities.  One year prior, an EOD Airman was
  • Being an Effective Airman

    Have you ever asked yourself, how I can be a better person? How can I be more valuable? What tools can I use to be an effective and competitive Airman? The United States Air Force has given me the ability to answer these questions by virtue of the experiences I have had throughout my years of service. When I first cross-trained from Security Forces
  • New transition for NAFB Airman

    NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. - I grew up in New Mexico as the youngest of three children and my favorite color is unicorn!Hopefully, that made you laugh. If not my feelings won’t be too hurt. I grew up in a very conservative Christian house-hold with two significantly older brothers who were 9 and 11 years older, so I was basically an only child. I
  • Teeth Whitening

    Have you ever wanted whiter teeth or a brighter smile? Almost everyone does, and it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist to see which whitening options are right for you.
  • Got Simulators?

    Over the next several years Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada will construct state-of-the-art flight simulators around the Warrior Fitness Center.
  • Change … key to progress

    If anything is true, change is true. As Benjamin Disraeli famously said, “Change is inevitable.”
  • Just Say No: Easy answer to marijuana use question for military members

    On Jan. 1, 2017, recreational use of marijuana will become legal in Nevada. Does this mean a military member stationed at or on temporary duty to Nellis or Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, will be able to light up?
  • I was abused, reasons I ignored it

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In observance of this, this article discusses one citizen Airman's experience to shed light on this issue. "As I sat in our couple’s therapist's office, my husband spoke the words that would one day become his motto. Statements were often preceded with, "I've never hit anyone," or "This wouldn't have happened if you had just..."
  • As long as it takes: Pursuing chaplaincy, one career field at a time

    I had been in three different Air Force jobs, and still was at a loss of where I could find meaning. Late one night I began to pray about it. My dad is a pastor, so I grew up with a spiritual upbringing. It began to dawn on me that I had spent my life asking God to help me get where I wanted to be, but for the first time I began to wonder what God might want for my life. For me personally, this realization was a major breakthrough.
  • Achieving “excellence” through continuous process improvement

    The third core value of the Air Force is “Excellence in All We Do.” According to Air Force Instruction 1-1, the “Little Blue Book,” Excellence in All We Do, directs us to develop a sustained passion for continuous process improvement and innovation that will propel the Air Force into a long-term, upward vector of accomplishment and performance.

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