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  • What is the A-76 process, and what does it mean to you?

    During the next year, Nellis will undertake an "A-76" activity, which will affect hundreds of Airmen's assignments and may create new jobs for civilians. This "A-76" process involves 57th Wing maintainers and will be facilitated by the 99th Air Base Wing's Contracting and Mission Support Squadrons. Even if the "A-76" effort doesn't affect you
  • USAF Warfare Center perspective on Air Force Smart Operations 21

    For those who were around in the mid 1990s, you may remember Total Quality Management or TQM. This was a business practice that was being applied to the Air Force in an era of force reductions. TQM was successful in the business world, and many of its concepts promised improvements and efficiencies for our Air Force. These efforts involved looking

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