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  • COMMENTARY – Atmosphere 6: Attitude

    The Command Chief's "12 Atmospheres" are designed to invoke a monthly focus on simple everyday concepts that sometimes get lost in light of increased ops-tempo and Air Force jargon. Leaders at every level are encouraged to incorporate the monthly "Atmosphere" focus in their area of responsibility by whatever means they deem fit, but keep it very
  • COMMENTARY - Atmosphere 3: Relationships

    The Command Chief's "12 Atmospheres" are designed to focus on simple concepts that sometimes get lost from increased ops-tempo and Air Force jargon. Leaders at every level are encouraged to incorporate the monthly focus by whatever means they deem fit, but keep it very casual, fun. Each month a corresponding short video will air on the Commander's
  • The Future of Air Crew Mission Debriefing Systems

    Operated by the 98th Operations Support Squadron here, the Range Integration Instrumentation System and the PC Integrated Tactics Assessment System represents an $80 million investment in combat air forces aircrew training systems and is the future of aircrew mission debriefing systems. The web based RIIS and PC ITAS are government owned,
  • Airmen helping Airmen … Can you help?

    I had been a supporter of the Air Force Assistance Fund for 19 years prior to 2005 when I decided to step up and volunteer to be our squadron point of contact for the AFAF drive. About a week later I received an e-mail from the 388th Fighter Wing executive officer congratulating me on being selected as the AFAF POC for the entire wing. I didn't
  • Holocaust days of rememberance

    When World War II ended in 1945, more than 6 million European Jews were killed by the Nazis, or by the conditions they faced while in concentration camps. Entire families perished together, children were orphaned and names were lost but never forgotten. This year, Holocaust Remembrance Day falls on April 15 and throughout the week of April 16-20;
  • Keeping up Airmen’s morale with 3 C’s

    We've all had a co-worker or subordinate share feelings of unhappiness with the job or lacks motivation. How do you help them to improve their morale? How do you help create a solution? I'd like to outline the three C's of morale: competence, contribution and connection. When trying to get to the bottom of someone's low morale or motivation, there
  • Getting chewed out may not be that bad

    In my four years of being an Airman in the Air Force, I've seen many persons on the receiving end of a good chewing out, myself being that individual on more than one occasion. Although some of these of these verbal assaults have little long-lasting effects, the ones that stick with me generally are when I recognize the error of my ways and know I
  • What black history means to me

    Black History Month is the one period during the year that allows all Americans to learn about the accomplishments of black Americans. The American tapestry is composed of people from every country on the globe and recognizing their collective talents is the one single trait that makes this country great. Black people alone were brought to America
  • The new year, what's expected

    Now that you have stopped inadvertently signing your personal checks with a 2006 date and have finally realized 2007 is upon us, what is your New Year's resolution? Is it to stop smoking, lose weight, get into better shape, or spend more time with your children? These are certainly noble resolutions, but I thought I would deviate somewhat from
  • As Nellis goes, so goes the Air Force

    "As goes Nellis, so goes the United States Air Force." During my four assignments here over the last three decades, I have heard that line a lot. So, how is Nellis "going?" Well, last weekend during our air show, I had the opportunity to explain what Nellis is all about and how we're "going" to some friends of my family who were visiting. Pete and

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