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Default Air Force Logo T.E.A.M. Together, Everyone Achieves More
“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets the credit.” Ralph Waldo Emerson "Team" is one small word that can make a big difference. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you cannot do great things without a great team supporting you. I am very fortunate to have served on many teams in the world's greatest Air Force for 16 years. I have also been very fortunate to lead many teams along the way.
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Default Air Force Logo Security incidents, year in review
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. --  2015 proved to be a year of catastrophic electronic security breaches in the United States, with electronic media being one of the biggest contributors to violations of security procedures.Last year, we saw an Office of Personnel Management data breach of approximately 20 million government employees’ background
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Default Air Force Logo The Courage to Continue
Every Airman has a story, what is your story? Some stories are so compelling and powerful they can change your life. Maybe your story and life experiences can change someone else's life. On Jan. 21, 2016, Nellis Air Force Base is sponsoring a Storytellers event where you can hear real Airmen telling real stories. Storytellers is designed to
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Default Air Force Logo Stories behind the names
One night I was driving to my residence in base housing when my kids started asking questions.If you have kids or have been around kids for more than two minutes, you know they ask a lot of questions -- which I am used to fielding and happily answering. If you ask my kids (or my wife), I think I know everything or I make something up that sounds
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No more are Airmen at Vance “painting the grass green” in preparation for an inspection or visit from higher headquarters. In fact, the 65 Air Education and Training Command inspectors who will visit the base May 11-18 are part of a capstone event called a Unit Effectiveness Inspection during which AETC inspectors will look into Vance’s ability to align mission readiness with inspection readiness. (U.S. Air Force illustration by 2nd Lt. Mikhail Berlin) 'Painting' with MICT
What are you doing to get ready for the Air Combat Command Inspector General inspection in November?Are you cleaning up everything in the Management Internal Control Toolset, also known as MICT? Oops. Trick question. The last thing you want to do is prepare for "the inspection."With MICT at the forefront of the new Air Force Inspection System, or
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Default Air Force Logo On/off duty -- we are Airmen 24/7
My job as a public affairs professional consists specifically of communicating with the public to gain support for our Air Force personnel, resources and missions.Although my job's primary purpose is to strengthen the bonds between the Air Force and the public to promote public understanding and support of the Air Force, I can tell you we make our
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Billy Fiske, pictured here in 1940. Fiske was the second American Royal Air Force pilot killed in combat and the first to die during the Battle of Britain. (Photo courtesy of the 99th Air Base Wing Historian’s Office) ‘Yanks’ in the RAF
On June 18, 1940 Winston Churchill stood before the House of Commons and spoke. One day before, the French requested an armistice, and scant weeks earlier, the miracle evacuation at Dunkirk saved more than 338,000 British and French soldiers from German POW camps or worse. In closing, Churchill made the stakes clear, saying "What Gen. (Maxime)
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Default Air Force Logo F-35A plays role for first time in USAFWS Integration Phase
The F-35A Lightning II achieved another major milestone during the recent capstone large-force employment event, known as the (U.S. Air Force) Weapons School Integration (WSINT) Phase.Assigned to the 16th Weapons Squadron, two F-35As executed a wide range of missions from June 8 to 24, 2015 -- the first time an F-35 has participated in a WSINT
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Default Air Force Logo Staying safe during flash flood season
July is here with high temperatures and a high chance of flash flooding. The months with the highest probability for thunderstorms are July through September. Las Vegas' annual rainfall is approximately 4.13 inches, and while this may not seem like a lot of rain, the elevation of Las Vegas makes a big difference. Elevation levels in the Las Vegas
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(Courtesy photo) Dear Dad: A letter to my father
I sat in the very back of the classroom, not paying much attention to the man in blue giving a presentation to my eighth grade civics class. He was saying something about core values, pride and doing something for the community you could be proud of.He told stories of how the students in his program grew and gained the confidence to lead. He spoke
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