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Nellis AFB Headlines
  • Molding youth into excellence

    As summer shines on Nellis AFB the 99th Force Support Squadron Youth Center moves into full swing. For children ages 6 to 18 the youth center provides a safe and fun learning environment throughout the summer."We are here to provide a safe learning environment for our children where they can grow socially and academically. We provide different
  • FitFamily provides families tools for success

    It's that time of year again when people resolve to lose weight, get in shape and eat healthier, which takes dedication and determination.To help Airmen and their families achieve those goals, the Air Force offers the Air Force FitFamily initiative which encourages families to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than 20,000 family
  • Nevada civic leader attends NSF

    Thomas Skancke, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance attended the 2014 National Security Forum held at Maxwell Air Force Base May 6 through 8.According to the NSF factsheet, these conferences, hosted by the Air War College, have helped bridge the gap between influential civic leaders and senior military
  • Summer driving: make it safe driving

    Every year parents have to bury their children, wives become widows and families are devastated because of vehicle accidents on Nevada's roadways.Summer brings a number of factors that escalate the risk of being in an accident. Of the accidents in Nevada no other county compares to the amount in Clark County annually. This makes it important to
  • Motorcycle safety at forefront of CDOS

    With the Critical Days of Summer campaign in full swing, motorcycle safety once again becomes a major focus throughout the Air Force. Here at Nellis, motorcycle riders often flock to the streets in droves after the winter months to take in Southern Nevada's beautiful scenery and ideal riding weather. However, the influx of motorcyclists brings
  • Keeping workplace relations appropriate is crucial to overall Airman wellness, readiness

    Editor's Note: This feature is the third of a three part series highlighting areas vital to the overall wellbeing of Airmen.Today's Airmen face many challenges in both their personal lives and the workplace. Having to worry about feeling safe from unwanted advances or sexual assault should not be one of those challenges. In addition to being
  • Financial stability key to battle ready Airmen

    Editor's Note: This feature is the second of a three part series highlighting vital to the overall wellbeing of Airmen.Every day Airmen will face a challenge while completing their mission. The fewer distractions they have, the more effective warriors they will be. Being financially stable and properly managing one's money is one less distraction
  • Pilot aids downed colleague after mid-air collision

    As part of the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron here, Capt. Gregory Farrell is responsible for testing new hardware, software and munitions in an operational environment before the equipment can be accepted into the Air Force inventory.However, back in August 2013, Farrell, an F-16 Fighting Falcon operational test instructor pilot, was
  • Resilience vital to Airmen’s overall wellbeing

    Editor's Note: This feature is the first of a three part series highlighting vital elements for the overall wellbeing of Airmen.Every day, Airmen face challenges ranging from miniscule work related tasks to important family concerns. Without the proper tools to manage the stress these challenges can cause, it may hinder workplace performance.One of
  • Outdoor Recreation provides services for summer fun

    Whether you want to do some camping or go boating this summer, The 99th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation has what you need to have an exciting adventure. They are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Outdoor Recreation provides many services around the base to include equipment rental, small engine repair for lawn mowers and

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