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Nellis AFB Headlines
  • Airman’s Attic provides free items, goods

    More often than not, an attic is usually the place where unused items slowly collect dust until they are forgotten.However, that's not the case for this attic. Three times a week, this attic is full of hustle and bustle and one can often spot mothers exchanging outgrown children's clothing, active-duty members turning in two stripes for three, and
  • Las Vegas Blues bring ‘America’s Pastime’ to Airmen

    When growing up, baseball or softball is a sport many parents push their children into. As time goes on, some move on to another sport, but some children keep playing all the way through high school or even college.At Nellis Air Force Base, Airmen who gave up the sport they loved to serve their country and newcomers who want to try their hand at
  • IDC helps Airmen prepare for deployment

    With Nellis and Creech AFBs being a high-operations tempo bases, both installations see a large contingency of Airmen deploy throughout the year from all units around the bases.The 99th Logistic Readiness Squadron's installation deployment center personnel are always ready to support Airmen who are about to deploy."The mission of the deployment
  • LGBT month teaches love, not hate

    Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do are the core values every Airman lives by. It's hard to be a person of integrity if you're unable to live openly and honestly with who you are.President Barack Obama issued Proclamation No. 8387 for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month in 2009. However, lenience wouldn't
  • Household goods make it home through TMO

    Permanent change of station moves can take a toll on Airmen and their families.A few examples of things they often deal with during these frenzied times include packing up household belongings, which can take days to complete, or wondering how they will adjust to a new location and making new friends."Stressful things people PCSing can see are not
  • Space-A: No cost for Airmen, dependents, retirees

    There are many different options for planning a vacation. Whether it be taking a cruise on the open blue waters, driving cross country with best friends or jetting off to a place that existed only in a dream.If you are looking to fly away while on leave, then space-available flights could provide a money-saving option."Space-A travel allows for
  • Airman dreams of becoming Mr. Olympia

    The solid sound of metal on metal clashes, causing a loud ring; sweat rolls down foreheads and groans from those exerting all they have to complete a seemingly simple task -- weightlifting -- can be heard throughout the gym. Senior Airman Vincent Costante, 99th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels laboratory technician, is among those that call the
  • 'Dirt Boyz': More than earth movers, shakers

    The 99th Civil Engineer Squadron's heavy equipment operators, known as the "Dirt Boyz," provide heavy lifting to Nellis Air Force Base."Heavy equipment" is a blanket term used for the numerous types of construction machines in the Air Force: cranes, bulldozers, front end loaders, backhoes, graders, dredges, hoists, drills, pumps and compressors are
  • IEDs, UXOs no problem for EOD

    Whenever an unexploded ordnance is found on base, a perimeter is set and a safety checklist is initiated. At the top of the list is to call the explosive ordnance disposal team to assess the situation and take care of the job.Airmen assigned to the 99th Civil Engineer Squadron EOD team have the training to stop any threat that could be posed by an
  • Disabled veterans discover 'Hope' through golf program

    Losing a part of yourself, literally or figuratively, can be hard to imagine. Being confined to a wheelchair, not being able to get around without the use of a walker, or struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder is a harsh reality many disabled veterans face every day.Through the Professional Golfers' Association of America Hope Program,

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