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  • 99th Bomber Group: Air Base Wing's namesake visits Nellis

    About 100 members of the 99th Bombardment Group visited Nellis Sept. 25 as part of a reunion. The 99th Air Base Wing hosted its namesake group on a tour of the base. "We schedule regular reunions, but this one is special given its connection to the base," said (Ret.) Chief Master Sgt. Henry Fouts, former member of the 99th Bomb Group. The 99th Bomb
  • 99th Airborne Explosive Ordnance Disposal -- ready to disarm anything, anywhere

    The Airmen of the 99th Airborne Explosive Ordinance Disposal flight live and breathe risk on an almost constant basis. They are constantly in harm's way -- from diffusing bombs, disarming booby traps and improvised explosive devices, to jumping out of an aircraft from low altitudes. The mission of the 99th AEOD is to be a rapid deployment EOD
  • 'Chosin Few' Korean vets visit Nellis

    Three hundred Korean War veteran survivors of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir (Jang Jin Ho) visited Nellis Sept. 20, and some of them shared their harrowing experiences during one of the most savage battles of the Korean War. "I remember it like it was last week," said retired veteran Edward Toppel, who was a 21-year-old Navy 3rd Class hospital
  • Nellis members reflect on support to Katrina relief

    Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The devastating storm that swept through the north-central Gulf Coast is one of the biggest national disasters to ever hit the United States. U.S. military units were called in and played a tremendous role in the search for and rescue of the survivors, flying in supplies and providing
  • Nellis Airmen volunteer time to train future military leaders

    Military servicemembers can almost always remember the first day they came into the military. The fear of the unknown and apprehension of taking the step into a completely new world is not a feeling that is easily forgotten. Sunday marked the first day of the in-residence Summer Leadership School, an annual training course that affords Junior
  • House of silence keeps Nellis, neighbors sheltered from noise

    Being surrounded by noisy jets and performing engine runs all day can be grating to the nerves. But Nellis has a way to almost eliminate the noise coming from the noisy test - it's called the Hush House. Hush Houses are used all around the Air Force. They are used to test, troubleshoot and evaluate uninstalled jet engines, all inside a
  • Nellis civilian to hike trail for disabled vets

    A medically-retired Airman has scheduled a 2,200-mile "Trail to Recovery" hike along the Appalachian Trail in honor of our returning wounded soldiers beginning July 16. Craig Fitzgerald, a civilian budget analyst at the 99th Comptroller Squadron here, is planning the hike in hopes of raising both awareness and funds to assist injured returning
  • Fighter course trains pilots, weapon systems officers on electronic combat

    Ulysses S. Grant once said, "The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on." Although the principles behind President Grant's words are still held today, warfare itself, particularly electronic warfare is far from simple with the evolution of new
  • Doing the math, keeping the Pave Hawk in the air

    When flying, the last thing a pilot would want to worry about is whether or not there is enough fuel to make it back to base. Luckily, the pilot has the flight engineer on his side. The flight engineer's responsibilities are not to be taken lightly. As a flight engineer for the 66th Rescue Squadron, Staff Sgt. Pete Gehrig has more on his plate than
  • Black Mountain study highlights heritage

    In 2002, the Nellis Cultural Program conceived a plan to investigate the cultural significance of Black Mountain, located within the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range on the Nevada Test and Training Range. "Cultural resources are fragile and irreplaceable artifacts, structures and areas that retain religious or ceremonial importance, such as a

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