• 561st JTS revamps AFTTP 3-1 Threat Guide

    For Air Force operators in the sky, mission planning always starts with the Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Threat Guides. These guides provide key mission planning information where aircrew or cyber and space specialists can investigate targets and learn how to overcome them.

  • Never Again: Holocaust Remembrance Week

    To raise awareness and help educate the men and women on Nellis AFB, several events took place May 6 to May 13 as a part of Holocaust Remembrance Week.

  • NAFB Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Exercise

    On May 9 to 12 Nellis AFB conducted a base wide exercise to evaluate the real-life response capabilities of emergency personnel and the base populace to a variety of scenarios depicting situations that could impact the base at any time.

  • History of Brig. Gen. Martinus Stenseth

    Seventy-five years ago, with construction of what would be Las Vegas Army Air Field just underway, Lt. Col. Martinus Stenseth arrived to take command and organize the first of what would be eight Army Air Force flexible gunnery schools to provide trained gunners to a fleet of B-17 Flying Fortresses

  • Nellis OSI wins Air Force OSI detachment of year

    When watching an episode of ‘Cops’, you usually see drug rings getting busted, people getting caught stealing vehicle or response to a sexual assault call. With these crimes being showcased in cities around the United States, these crimes also happen on military installations.

  • Long awaited Purple Heart

    Julius Farrar, after six decades, was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries that he sustained during the Korean War a ceremony in his honor on at Nellis AFB, on April 28.