Exercise VIRTUAL FLAG: Battle Management begins Aug. 15

  • Published
  • By 505th Command and Control Wing Public Affairs
  • 705th Combat Training Squadron

The 705th Combat Training Squadron, also known as the Distributed Mission Operations Center, will execute exercise VIRTUAL FLAG in a synthetic, theater-level, joint combat environment ensuring joint operational and tactical warfighters’ readiness, Aug. 15.

VF: Battle Management’s joint training audience will consist of personnel operating out of the DMOC and eight distributed sites from Aug. 15 – 19.  VF’s Distinguished Visitor Day is scheduled for Aug. 18 and is open to joint leadership who are interested in learning more about the DMOC’s live, virtual and constructive environment capabilities.

“The DMOC is the USAF’s hub for distributed joint and coalition combat training exercises,” said Lt. Col. Michael Butler, 705th CTS commander, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

VF: BM will focus on replicating a combat environment in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility in a dynamic environment prioritizing agility and sustained command and control capabilities.  The scenario is designed to integrate geographically separated units executing mission type orders with degraded communications and limited air operations center connectivity.  

VF: BM will execute an 8-hour vulnerability window allowing C2 over time and enabling participants to work through force and BM problems across all five domains from start to finish. 

The exercise will also include condition-based authorities, which enables tactical C2 units to train mission commanders, contested logistics problem sets, and a dedicated mission planning cell that will operate concurrently with execution.

For more information on VF exercises or to attend DV Day, contact the 505th Command and Control Wing public affairs office at 850-737-0194.