• Main gate construction nears end

    Construction at Nellis’ main entry gate is expected to be complete this week. The gate’s refurbishment is part of a $9 million project to modernize all six of the base’s gates. According to Maj. Jon-Paul Mickle, 99th Security Forces Squadron commander, the entire project is expected to conclude this month. “All of the gates received upgrades to
  • Nellis staff sergeant wins ACC Ground Safety Award

    To bail out or not to bail out. It’s a life-or-death decision that pilots face from time to time, but it’s not something a forklift operator typically ponders. Yet that was the decision faced by Staff Sgt. Erich Mansfield last September when he found himself behind the wheel of a 30,000-pound, out-of-control forklift, barreling in the dark toward
  • Community Assessment Survey begins in March

    Approximately 1,000 Nellis active-duty servicemembers and all military spouses at Nellis will be asked to participate in the 2006 Community Assessment Survey in March. The randomly selected, active-duty members will receive notification through their work e-mail addresses, and a postcard will be mailed to spouses. The notification will include a
  • Flight achieves 100 percent service status

    For the first time in more than 20 years, the 57th Component Maintenance Squadron Propulsion Flight has attained 100 percent serviceable status of all assigned spare engines and is reporting no holes (aircraft without engines) in Nellis aircraft. “It’s amazing and says a lot about the Propulsion Flight team members to achieve something of this
  • First Red Flag of 2006 begins

    The U.S. Air Force began its first Red Flag exercise of 2006 here Monday. This is the first of two scheduled Red Flags for this year. More than 200 aircraft and 5,000 military personnel from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia are taking part in the training. Each exercise is split into two periods, with each period lasting two weeks.
  • F-15 Aggressor squadron activated at Nellis

    After a 16-year absence, the 65th Aggressor Squadron was reactivated Jan. 12. “The 65th and other Aggressor units will provide realistic adversary training in air, space, and information operations,” said Gen. T. Michael Mosely, U.S. Air Force chief of staff, in a letter to Air Force personnel.He also described the history of the unit as
  • Nellis unit to invade Alaskan exercise

    Nine F-16s and approximately 100 Airmen from the 64th Aggressor Squadron left Nellis Tuesday for the first-ever Red Flag – Alaska exercise. The exercise, formerly known as Cope Thunder, is a combined training effort between Pacific Air Forces and Air Combat Command. The Aggressors provide an air, ground and electronic threat package to Red Flag
  • New upgrades for ranges to come

    Nellis officials are planning significant target upgrades on bombing and gunnery ranges in Nevada and California, as well as nearly doubling the number of students attending the Expeditionary Readiness Training Course. The proposed actions are detailed in three environmental assessments released for public comment. All three documents are available

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