• Ground Mobile Gateway connects Airmen warriors to 'big picture'

    A very small group of Airmen are having a dramatic effect on the battlefield. They're in demand from everyone from Army squads and platoons to large defense contractors. Everyone wants a joint terminal attack controller on their team -- and with good reason. Open up any U.S. Central Command Air Forces Airpower Summary (released daily on www.af.mil)
  • February re-enlistments

    The Air Force will hold on to 71 Airmen for several more years, as re-enlistment oaths are renewed at Nellis. Senior Master Sergeant Melodie Daly Treassia Hall Master Sergeant Luis Acuria Thomas Long George Lupercio Brent Molnar Anthony Wilson Technical Sergeant Shane Bailey Michael Bibb Orlando Cudal Jr Brandon Evanovich Kerri Gillespie Brian
  • After 51 years of continued service...Bullseye goes civilian

    Fifty-one years have gone by since the day the Nellis paper began and from that time the Nellis public affairs office was always in charge of gathering all the information. That changes today. Due to Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, total control has been shifted to our publisher, Aerotech News and Review. This will save the Air
  • EOD members receive medals for answering call of duty

    A medal ceremony Feb. 26 at the explosive ordnance disposal flight building equipment bay recognized 11 explosive ordnance disposal Airmen who returned from deployment recently. The names of the Bronze Star Medal recipients are Capt. Brian Castner, Tech. Sgt. Michael Bibb and Staff Sgt. David Fitzpatrick.  The names of the Army Commendation Medal
  • Base vehicle decals no longer issued at Nellis

    Base vehicle registration decals are now a thing of the past. Starting today, vehicle decals to get on Nellis and Creech will no longer be issued. After Sept. 11, 2001, security at all Department of Defense installations was modified to require a 100 percent ID check for all drivers accessing the installation gates. According to Air Force
  • Bullseye newspaper continues transition

    Next month, the Bullseye base newspaper will undergo significant changes, but most readers shouldn't notice. The base newspaper, which was first printed as Nellis' official base newspaper on July 7, 1951, will become a fully commercial enterprise publication March 3. The 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office workers will cease writing, editing,
  • Nellis pilot delivers close-air-support in decisive battle

    Nellis pilot Maj. Clinton Eichelberger took part in the decisive battle of An Najaf Jan. 28, contributing to the more than 200 enemy insurgents killed and 100 gunmen captured. The Air Force's 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, the unit to which the A-10 Thunderbolt II pilot is deployed, provided close air support in the joint, combined effort to route

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