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Urology Office Procedures

Doctor dressed in our fashionable x-ray protection gear, begins an ultrasound.

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Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center
4700 Las Vegas Blvd North, Bldg 1300
Nellis AFB, NV 89191

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Urology Clinic
Clinic: (702) 653-3064
Fax:   (702) 653-3038

Appointment Line:
(702) 653-2273 (CARE)

List of Procedures

This Urology clinic will perform circumcisions on infants in the clinic up to 1 month of age.  If your son is older than 1 month, then the procedure is done in the OR (operating room) when he is at least 1 year of age and 20 pounds in weight.
For information on infant circumcision click below.
This is a camera into the bladder.  Most people find that it is not very painful.
For information on cystoscopy in the clinic click below.
99 MDG Urology Cysto AFD-140626-084.pdf
Flow Rate
The expectation is that your bladder will be as full as you can tolerate.  You will be asked to urinate into a funnel.  The average amount to "pee" is 300-500mL.  In other words, you should be able to void an amount equal to a 20oz. bottle of soda.  WARNING:  If you urinate less than 150mL, you may be asked to repeat the test.
Post Void Residual
We will check how much fluid is in your bladder after you finish urinating.  It is a Doppler ultrasound and is painless.
Prostate Biopsy
For information on prostate biopsy in the clinic click below.
99 MDG Urology TRUS Bx AFD-140626-085.pdf
Removal of Ureteral Stent
For information on ureteral stents, click below.
Essentially, this procedure allows your Urologist to see how your bladder functions.
For more information on the procedure, click below.
To obtain a vasectomy through the Urology clinic, you must attend a monthly group counseling session.  You can then expect to be scheduled for the procedure during the following month.
For information on vasectomy click below.
For what to expect before coming to our clinic for the procedure, please click below.
99 MDG Urology Vas AFD-140626-086.pdf

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