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Emergency Medicine Residency

The Air Force joined forces with the already exceptional emergency medicine residency program through University of Nevada School of Medicine at University Medical Center (UMC) of Southern Nevada in July 2011, and began accepting applications for active duty positions. Since then, the Health Professions Education Requirement Board (HPERB) has allotted two positions each year in alignment with the ACGME’s accreditation of the program, for a total of 10 residents (8 civilian). During this program, residents are stationed at Nellis AFB but complete the majority of their requirements at UMC. Just a few of the benefits associated with an active duty residency position include: time in service, Tricare health coverage for you and your entire family, and higher salaries in comparison with civilian counterparts.

As an Air Force resident in this program, 3 out of the 36 months in clinical rotations are spent at the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center (MOMMC) located at Nellis Air Force base. Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center is a joint venture shared by the Department of Defense (99th Medical Group) and the VA Southern Nevada Health System. The MOMMC is a 104-bed federal medical treatment facility (MTF) with its own EMS system serving Nellis AFB. The ED consists of twelve monitored beds and three fast-track beds. With a 32,600 annual patient volume and an 8% admission rate, the MOMMC is one the busiest MTFs in the Air Force. This offers residents the opportunity to develop their skills in patient evaluation and management, as well as the compassionate delivery of care, in a federal hospital environment caring for military service members, retirees, their families and our nation's veterans.

The remainder of your clinical education and all didactics takes place at UMC, a large tertiary care facility that is a Level-1 trauma center, a regional burn center, and an established teaching hospital associated with the University of Nevada School of Medicine. This allows for substantial experience in critical care, trauma, and high-paced emergency medicine that will be crucial to your success as an EM physician.

Time spent at the Air Force base also provides a snapshot of the demands associated with military healthcare, and all of the factors that must be considered when treating fellow service members. Emergency medicine is a very competitive field for all applicants, and active duty positions in Air Force programs are at a premium. It is strongly encouraged that you complete a clinical rotation at our program for consideration during the Joint Services Graduate Medical Education Selection Board (JSGMESB, also known as the military match). With only two positions at our location, it is expected that active duty medical student rotations will fill far in advance, so plan accordingly. Keep in mind it is always possible to rotate with the program through the university if military rotations are full. Interview season for military applicants is July through mid-October.

EMR Contact Information

To arrange active duty military rotations, or to set up interviews, use the adjacent Contact Form or the numbers below:

MOMMC Department of Medical Education
(702) 653-2499 - Fax (702) 653-3633

Emergency Medicine Residency Program
(702) 653-3334

Access the Air Force Physician Education Website for additional application information.

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