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Nellis Regional Clinical Investigation Program

MISSION:Clinical Investigation Program (CIP) personnel in training
The primary mission of the Nellis AFB Clinical Investigation Program (CIP) at the 99th MDG is to support Graduate Medical Education research.  In conjunction with the Nellis Family Medicine Residency, CIP researchers constantly pursue the advancement of military healthcare, utilizing cutting-edge strategies and methods.  Key research interests of the CIP include the development and testing of alternative treatments for pain and utilizing nutraceuticals to treat and mitigate disease and other conditions.

We have 29 protocols underway from 3 residencies in various stages of the research lifecycle.  We hold 1 Investigational New Drug (IND) Application with the FDA.

As part of the Regional CIP, we are assisting Eglin and Scott with many of the regulatory duties and processes related to their research program including, assistance with renewing/updating their DoD Assurance, IRB submissions and guidance, regulatory folder set up, direction on recruitment, consenting, and data collection.  To date we have assisted with 23 studies as part of this program.

The Nellis FMR was selected as a new CIP in FY12, becoming the 1st and only CIP thus far in the Air Combat Command.

We have several agreements with industry sponsors, and are actively seeking out new funding opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding this content or are interested in learning more, please contact the CIP staff at (702) 653-3298 or via the contact form below.

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