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FMR Mission & Residency Handbook

The mission of the Nellis Family Medicine Residency is to provide world class instruction so graduate physicians can supply a personal medical home for patients from cradle-to-grave, whether deployed or in garrison. We offer continuous three-year positions with 10 positions per class. Nellis FMR is an unopposed residency located in the Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center with 100+ beds.

We are pleased to note that our 2012 national inspection by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) earned Nellis FMR the maximum reaccreditation award - 5 years. The review committee also noted our "substantial compliance" with all training goals and gave Nellis ZERO citations - a rarely given commendation.

Family Medicine Residency (FMR) resident in a labcoatResidency Handbook and Curriculum Details with 3-year Rotation Schedule:
Nellis FMR 3-Year Rotation Schedule
Nellis FMR Residency Handbook
Nellis FMR Faculty Handbook

Nellis FMR Selection Board Process
Nellis FMR ACGME accreditation report 2012

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