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  • B-52 brings thunder to Red Flag skies

    With summer temperatures heating up, the 96th Bomb Squadron Airmen from Barksdale Air Force Base, La., are moving full swing into Red Flag 16-3. The squadron has a long-standing history. It was activated in 1917 and in 1993 began flying the B-52 Stratofortress.
  • 210th RQS brings CSAR to desert for Red Flag 16-1

    This time of year, Alaska is usually blanketed in snow and has temperatures so low that you will want to wear an extra pair of socks.Usually you will see trees that are still full of life, the occasional moose or elk walking down the road and can usually stand in one place and hear absolutely nothing.But at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, this
  • Maintaining success through Total Force Integration at Red Flag 16-1

    It is a given that no aircraft leaves the ground unless it is working properly.  But that challenge is multiplied here during the three-week Red Flag 16-1 exercise. Hundreds of aircraft maintainers assigned to flying squadrons from around the world work long hours to ensure all training sorties are executed safely and efficiently.Maintainers are
  • 606th ACS takes control of the skies over Red Flag

    When pilots fly over the massive Nevada Test and Training Range north of Las Vegas during  Red Flag exercises, they always have to be in contact with one another to make key decisions which will determine who will be the day's victors and losers.Teamwork is the key to success when air combat flying squadrons train in harmony with space and
  • Oldest flying squadron in existence flies high in Red Flag 15-1

    Ever since air superiority became vital in any armed conflict, the Royal Air Force's 1 (Fighter) Squadron has been on the leading edge of that superiority.The squadron has been involved in every major conflict the United Kingdom has been involved in from the First World War to present day operations in Afghanistan.Perhaps one of the most famous
  • Stratofortress brings long-range, high-altitude firepower to Red Flag 14-2

    Soaring high through the atmosphere, the B-52 Stratofortress seeks and destroys its target on the ground miles below. The 96th Bomb Squadron brings the Stratofortress and its lethality to Red Flag.The B-52 is a long-range heavy bomber capable of dropping or launching a wide variety of munitions on any target anywhere in the world. "The B-52 is a
  • Firefighters protect airfield during Red Flag

    As aircraft engines throttle up for Red Flag, so does the 99th Civil Engineering Squadron Fire Department.Daily operations for the 99th CES firefighters include responding to any airfield or base emergencies, hazmat response, technical rescue and medical aid, but with a Red Flag exercise the emergency calls are increased."On a normal duty operation

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