Warrior of the Week

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  • By Airman 1st Class Kristina Cantu
  • Nellis AFB Public Affairs
Airman 1st Class Kristina Cantu is the Nellis Air Force Base Warrior of the Week. She is a diet therapist with the 99th Medical Support Squadron.

Time in Air Force: One year, five months

Time at Nellis: One year

Hometown: I was a military brat ... right now it is Manhattan, Kan.

What do you do?
I work in an outpatient nutrition clinic teaching cholesterol classes and teaching people how to eat healthier.

What do you drive, and how does it match your personality?
I drive a '97 Plymouth Voyager ... it doesn't match my personality but it was free and insurance on it is cheap!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would be able to fly because people in Las Vegas do not know how to drive and traffic is ridiculous.

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
I would be a bear; so I could sleep for half the year and no one could tell me anything!

What's your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?
Umm... being that I am only 19 I like to go to the movies or just chill at tha dorms!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?
I am definitely a pepperoni girl.

What song do you have on your Mp3 player that you wouldn't want anyone else to know about?
If I had an Mp3 player I would be able to answer this ... but since I don't, I would have to say that it would probably have one of those catchy spice girls' songs on it that no one wants to admit that they still like!

Name one thing your co-workers don't know about you.
I like to watch The Little Mermaid and sing along with it!

Who's the greatest music artist to die too soon?

What is your favorite song to karaoke?
Girls just want to have fun! - Cyndi Lauper

What would you like to change on/about Nellis?
Nothing ... I have lived on bases my whole life and they're all the same so I am used to them.

What stresses you out at your job, and how do you relieve stress?
I get stressed out when reports are due and there ends up being a lot of things that need to be fixed for me to accomplish them. I relieve stress when I go to the gym and play racquetball.

If you trapped on a deserted island, what would you bring?
I would bring a boat so that I wouldn't have to stay there.

What is your favorite Air Force uniform and why?
I like my BDU, it is comfortable and loose!

If you could appear on any reality TV show, what would it be and why?
I would be on The Real World so that I could see other people make a fool of themselves and look trashy without having to wait until it comes out on TV.

How do you remember your CAC at the end of the day?
There is this annoying voice that says to remove my CAC card when I log off at the end of the day ... I thought about turning the volume off on my computer but when I tried that I left it.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
I haven't eve really gone on vacation except to Disneyland when I lived at home.

How do you unwind?
I watch TV lying down.

How do you spend quality time with friends and family?
Just hanging out talking about nothing.

What is one thing you would recommend to everyone to do while living in So. Nevada?
I don't know because I haven't really done anything.

Have your supervisor write something nice about you.
-- I have nothing nice to say about Airman Cantu. She threatens my job and the leadership of everyone in her chain of command! She's an aggressive go-getter who does not hesitate to get the job done and accomplish the mission. She does not get comfortable with her position and constantly pesters everyone on how things can get done "better." It is very frustrating when I ask "We need this task accomplished ..." and we get a constant response of "Sir/Ma/am that was done yesterday". What is leadership to do when she implements everything that we want done? She is what we need so that leadership can move on knowing that the people we are proudly serving are in very capable hands!