Nellis Airman's Center enters finishing stages

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Ryan Whitney
  • Nellis AFB Public Affairs
Nellis' Airman's Center has been in development by volunteers for more than a year and is scheduled to be completed by April 30.

"The Airman's Center, located in building 775, is a facility meant to provide an alcohol-free environment for Airmen to meet new friends and hang out with other Airmen with similar interests in a fun, friendly environment," said Tech. Sgt. Mark Kerr, dorm manager for dorms 792 and 794.

"The dorms have some form of common area, but that doesn't leave any place for those who live off base to meet," said Chief Master Sgt. Britton Ellis, 99th Air Base Wing command chief master sergeant. "With this center, those who live off base can have a centralized place to meet with whomever lives on base."

The center helps remedy this situation by providing multiple venues of entertainment for all Airmen.

For the Airmen who enjoy video games, an on-line "Xbox Room" is being constructed that will have two plasma TVs, each with their own Xbox 360. These TV's will be linked together so that Airmen can play each other head-to-head, in multiple game genres.

For those who enjoy movies, there will be a large cinema room with seating for 12 individuals and movies displayed on a 60-inch plasma TV. There will also be a wireless café that will house four computers and have WiFi internet, a meditation room meant for studying and reading, as well as two other TV rooms.

A coffee shop and kitchen are located in the facility so when an Airman is hungry, he can make something to eat or get something at the coffee shop, free of charge.

The center will also house Airmen Against Drunk Driving, a program established to provide rides for Airmen who have consumed alcohol and don't have a ride back to their homes.

Because A.A.D.D. is a weekend operation, Airmen can use the facility throughout the weekend.

"The rules that the center has are simple: no alcohol and respect the utilities and other Airmen," said Sergeant Kerr. Security cameras are placed throughout the facility to ensure these goals are met.

"Just be courteous to other Airmen. If an Airman is reading, don't go in the same room and watch a movie with the volume turned all the way up. Just walk down the hall and go to the movie room," said Sergeant Kerr

"We set the center up in a way so this will not be a problem. Activities are spread out so the loud rooms will be on one side of the building and the more tranquil rooms will be on the other," Sergeant Kerr said.

"We are marketing the center to people age 27 and under, and ranks staff sergeant and below, but that isn't set in stone. You can be a technical sergeant and use the facility, too," Chief Ellis explained.

Although the center is aimed toward the younger group of Airmen, it isn't meant to restrict anyone from enjoying the facility. "We encourage supervisors to bring their Airmen by the center to help them get acquainted with their new troops and to let them know what the base has to offer," Sergeant Kerr continued.

Although the center is entering its finishing stages, there are still many things that need to be done.

"We still have to finish tiling, carpeting, painting and putting up drywall," said Sergeant Kerr.

"We could use all the help we can get to finish, all we ask is that volunteers not come in set to work on one particular thing. We need flexibility," said Sergeant Kerr. "We have gotten a lot of volunteers from multiple organizations across the base, and I would like to recognize the Airmen from the hospital and 99th Civil Engineering Squadron for their enormous contributions to the project."

Any Airmen who wish to volunteer at the Airman's Center may contact Sergeant Kerr during duty hours at (702) 249-0008.