Nellis barber gives quality cuts at enlisted club

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Travis Edwards
  • Nellis AFB Public Affairs
Clip, clip, buzzzzzzz ...

Those are just some of the sounds you will hear while sitting in one of the hot seats in the Nellis barber shop, managed by Shan "Kim" Mundy.

Kim started cutting hair while still in grade school in Taiwan to help support her mother, along with her seven other brothers and sisters, after her father died. Four of the eight children became barbers including her sister Judy Cortez, who is the manager of the barber shop at the Officer's Club here.

Since coming to America in 1972, Kim has been cutting the hair of enlisted members. She said, "I am very proud of all the servicemembers. My love of the Air Force has become my way of life."

Kim has been the contracted manager of the Nellis Enlisted Club Barber Shop since 1988.

"She is a genuinely nice person," said Bill Wilson, one of Kim's regulars who works in the Creech Air Force Base Fire Department. "Maybe that's why she has more than 20 regulars a day who come in only to see her."

Kim said some of her customers are so loyal, they will sit outside the barber shop and wait for her to open so they can be the first customer of the day.

"We open at 8 a.m., and even though I get in at 6:30, there are people already waiting on me," she added.

Kim's love for cutting hair was only matched by her work ethic. She frequently works six days a week, putting in as much as 10 to 12 hours a day.

"When I started out, I had no idea how much I'd love this job," said Kim. "I've been cutting hair now for almost half a century."

Although maybe not as experienced, Kim added that all her barbers at the enlisted club are great. She hand-picks every new addition to her elite hair-cutting team to ensure everyone who needs a hair cut will get the best customer service.

"We enjoy all our customers. Every one of them is important to us, and we are very proud to be able to help them," said Kim.

So anyone willing to shell out $8 not only gets a high-quality haircut, but they get a pleasant conversation and possibly a quick shoulder rub from some of the best barbers on Nellis.