Warrior of the Week, April 23-27

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Russell England
  • 57 component Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Russell England is the Nellis Air Force Base Warrior of the Week. He is a jet engine technician with the 57th Component Maintenance Squadron.

Time in Air Force:
Three years

Time at Nellis:
Two years, eight months

Lubbock, Texas

What do you do?
Perform limited intermediate maintenance on F119-PW-100 jet engines

What do you drive, and how does it match your personality?
1995 Chevy S-10; it doesn't!

What's your favorite movie quote/ What Movie?
"T-t-t-today Junior," Billy Madison

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
Super human strength; so I could make millions of dollars playing football.

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Great White Shark, it rules everything in its surroundings.

What's your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?
Stay at home with the wife and kids away from the craziness of Las Vegas.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Name one thing your co-workers don't know about you.
I have to buy a new pair of shoes every month.

Who's the greatest music artist to die too soon?
Jimi Hendrix 

What is your favorite song to karaoke?
I don't karaoke.

What would you like to change on/about Nellis?
Build a batting cage on base.

What stresses you out at your job, and how do you relieve stress?
All the training and CBT's; I go home and get a hug from my daughter.

In high school, what were you - a dork, jock, or something else?
A jock.

If you trapped on a deserted island, what would you bring?
A cell phone with GPS navigation.

What is your favorite AF uniform and why?
The BDU because it is the easiest to care for.

If you could appear on any reality TV show, what would it be and why?
Deal or No Deal -- I could win the million!

How do you remember your CAC at the end of the day?
It's still in my wallet.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The fact that the engine I work on doesn't require safety wire.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
Lubbock, Texas

How do you unwind?
Play my XBox 360

How do you spend quality time with friends and family?
Watch movies, play games, and hangout with the wife and kids.

What is one thing you would recommend to everyone to do while living in So. Nevada? Go see Mystere at the TI

Senior Airman Russell England's supervisor says...

Senior Airman England is a cut above the rest. Not only was he promoted for BTZ but he was hand selected among his peers to work on the AF latest fighter engine. Thanks to Senior Airman England's initiative and hard work I see nothing but success in his future.