All I want for Christmas is new locker rooms

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Oleksandra G. Manko
  • Nellis AFB Public Affairs
When is it OK for a guy to walk into a female locker room without knocking? Why, anytime under the "locker rooms renovation contingency plan" of course.

An abundance of bright tape and signs that have nothing to do with holiday decorations posted about the Nellis Sports and Fitness Center make it clear that something grand is underway.

The gym locker rooms were last renovated in 1996. They got their share of wear and tear and have been waiting for their turn to shine anew since 2003, when the upgrade was first requested. The locker rooms renovation, which started Dec. 1 and is scheduled to be completed April 1, cost $529,000.

"It's quality of life improvement for customers who come to our facility," said Master Sgt. Brian Christina, 99th Services Squadron sports director, one of the people in charge of the project. "We are replacing old with new."

"I've been at Nellis for three and a half years and [locker rooms] have needed an upgrade the entire time," said 1st Lt. Cindy Alexander, 99th Contracting Squadron specialized contract manager who frequents the Nellis Fitness Center on average three times a week. "I think it's great they are renovating it, it will be a definite improvement to the gym overall."

All painted surfaces will be repainted, carpets changed, saunas torn down and rebuilt. The change will be most noticeable in the shower area which will be entirely tiled as opposed to being painted concrete as before.

"[Showers] will be cleaner, healthier and easier to maintain," said Sergeant Christina. 

Locker rooms will be closed down one at a time. Customer load will be shuffled between the remaining operating facilities. The male locker room was the first to go. Men are temporarily taking over the female premises, while women have moved to the VIP locker room.

Sergeant Christina urged Nellis Fitness Center visitors to be patient during the construction. "We do our best to accommodate all the customers."