• The ride of a lifetime

    I have the best career in the Air Force. I never would have thought I would be sitting in the backseat of an F-16 within 10 months of graduating basic military training. After all, I’m a photojournalist – not a pilot.

  • Balance spending, saving, investing to build future nest egg

    How many of you have gotten paid and, within a few days, have spent your entire paycheck? I can remember being a young senior airman and having my flight chief ask me, “What are you doing with your money?” to which I replied, “Spending it!”   The flight chief laughed and then asked me, “Do you want

  • Allow Hanukkah to refine inner strength

    Hanukkah, a holiday most known for candles, doughnuts and rebellions, is a time when Jews celebrate vanquishing their enemies, rebuilding their temple and, most importantly, kindling the Menorah.   The Menorah was a seven branched Candelabra made of pure gold situated at the entrance of the ancient

  • Being an Effective Airman

    Have you ever asked yourself, how I can be a better person? How can I be more valuable? What tools can I use to be an effective and competitive Airman? The United States Air Force has given me the ability to answer these questions by virtue of the experiences I have had throughout my years of

  • Change … key to progress

    If anything is true, change is true. As Benjamin Disraeli famously said, “Change is inevitable.”