Stress; coping with Reality

  • Published
  • By TSgt Ramone D. Hayes
  • 99th Air Base Wing Safety
"Deal with it" is a phrase most people know all too well.

How does one struggle through the everyday leaps and bounds of life? When the world crumbles at your feet and all feels lost, do you throw in the flag of resistance, or do you cope with the struggles of life and push through adversity?

As a flaw, most of us spend too much time immersed in pity and self-sorrow that eventually turns into depression or anger. As your brother in arms, I challenge you to cope and fight the struggles presented in life; you're not alone.

Don't mask your internal struggles and maintain a rigid demeanor. You're only neglecting yourself the right to a stable piece of mind. Whether your struggle is because of a relationship, financial problems, your career or something else, use provided outlets to gain a piece of mind and gain the stability you deserve.

Below are provided services to assist you through life's tough situations.

· Airman and family readiness center (702) 652-3327
· Military One Source (702)-652-3327
· Chaplains (702) 652-2950
· Sexual Assault Response Center: 24/7 Response (702) 652-7272
· Family Advocacy Office and Mental Health (702) 653-3880
· Equal Opportunity Office (702) 652-9420
· Nellis Military Family Life Consultant (702) 715-9182
· Creech Military Family Life Consultant (702) 715-6138
· Command Post: 24/7 Response (702) 652-1859

It is important to remember you are never alone, regardless of how far family and friends may be; help is near. As brothers and sisters in uniform, it is our duty to help and provide an ear for a fellow service member.

Be a true wingman and reach out and provide the support; but mostly be willing to receive support as well. With the raise of your right hand and the sworn oath of commitment, your family expanded.

As many have heard leave no man or woman behind, regret is something you can't change however, an open eye and an extended hand could make a world of difference. I challenge you to be that difference.