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  • Joint U.S. forces train together during integrated Green Flag exercise

    With the missions of tomorrow requiring joint forces to work together, integrated combat exercises between them are essential to ensuring U.S. forces are successful in current and future operations.Green Flag-West 14-09 provided integrated combat scenarios with training missions requiring the Air Force to work with both the Army and the Navy.Green
  • Danish airmen participate in Green Flag training

    The Royal Danish air force participated in Green Flag-West 14-5 here. Approximately 125 Danish military officials participated in the two week long exercise that began March 14.The RDAF flew their F-16 Fighting Flacons to the U.S. Army Combat Training Center over Fort Irwin, Calif. to train on close air support. The exercise is administered by the
  • 480th Fighter Squadron tackles both Red, Green Flags

    Pilots, maintainers, support people and F-16 Fighting Falcons from Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, are participating in both Red Flag 13-2 and Green Flag 13-3 until Feb. 1. This is the first time the 480th Fighter Squadron has participated in both flag exercises at the same time.The 480th FS is scheduled to fly 22 sorties a day in support of both
  • New JTAC training facility opens at Nellis

    The Nellis Joint Terminal Attack Controller Simulation Facility opened for its first class Oct. 15.Class 11-1 was the first class to use the facility, which is located near the Tyndall Rd. gate, for the simulation portion of its Joint Terminal Attack Controller Qualification Course. The JTACQC helps each Airman develop concepts, doctrine,
  • New capability brings live JTAC training closer to the real thing

    A new capability to broadcast a combined live, virtual and constructive, or LVC, picture using distributed models and simulations brings live training for joint terminal attack controllers closer to training like they fight.The new capability was developed by members of the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation in Orlando, Fla. The
  • A Green Flag mission: from cradle to grave

    "Three, two, one, hack. The time is now zero nine forty; let's get started," said Capt. Andy Labrum, the operations supervisor for Green Flag. Captain Labrum began the aircrew mass brief Aug. 11 with roll call, making sure that all aircrew, intelligence and Army liaison personnel were present, and quickly moved into the objectives for the fourth
  • Green Flag-West 10-09 begins Aug. 8

    Southern Nevada and Southern California residents will see increased military aircraft activity as the U.S. Air Force hosts exercise Green Flag-West 10-09 from Aug. 8-19. Aircraft will depart from Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., twice daily for missions at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif. Flying will take place Sunday through Friday
  • Pakistan Air Force trains at Nellis

    It took six days and four stops for six Pakistan Air Force pilots to fly six F-16Bs over 7,700 miles from Mushaf Air Base in northern Pakistan to Las Vegas to fly and train in Red Flag 10-4 and Green Flag 10-9 exercises at Nellis AFB. Approximately 100 maintenance, support and aircrew personnel arrived here in mid-July and have already completed

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