Installation parking frustrations an easy fix

  • Published
  • By Cate Berry
  • 99th Force Support Squadron Director of Marketing
Whether driving through town, local neighborhoods or even on base, there always seems to be one inconvenience that comes up: parking.

Most people have experienced the inconvenience of running into a parking problem here or there, whether it's driving around a lot for what may seem like an eternity trying to find a spot or being frustrated with a car parked inappropriately. On base, a parking problem of a different nature has become a concern.

Parking lots on base are intended for daily-use by workers and guests, not as long-term storage for recreational equipment or vehicles under repair. Some lots on base have run into issues with vehicles being left for days, weeks and even months at a time, taking up spaces that otherwise could be used for short-term.

AFI 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, Nellis Air Force Base Supplement, dated Aug. 1, 2007, has strict guidelines for parking on the installation. Attachments two and three in the document specifically note the subject of parking vehicles and the remedies base officials have for those who choose to disregard the regulations.

Although security forces will try to contact the owner improperly parked or abandoned vehicles or recreation equipment will be towed at the owner's expense, impounded and possibly disposed of. Abandoned vehicles notices will be issued for these vehicles giving the owner 72 hours for removal. Special circumstances may warrant exceptions, but must be coordinated through unit commanders or first sergeant to the 99th Security Forces Squadron.

There are other options for long-term parking, which include the 99th Force Support Squadron recreational vehicle storage or long-term vehicle storage lots. Passenger vehicles and recreational equipment such as boats and trailers may be safely stored there.

FSS has recently added 250 new spaces to the RV storage lot to accommodate higher use. For more information on the FSS RV storage or long-term vehicle storage lots contact the FFS Outdoor Recreation office at 702-652-2514.

Vehicles for sale are only permitted to be displayed for specific periods of time at the Nellis Resale Lot, and must have a valid permit. For a valid permit or more information on the FSS Resale Lot contact the Auto Hobby shop at 702-652-2284.

The best option to avoid parking problems in the future is by taking responsibility for vehicles and following the rules. If everyone does their part, installation parking problems will become a thing of the past.