‘See Something, Say Something:’ Base security is everyone’s business


The Eagle Eyes program is an Air Force anti-terrorism initiative that enlists the eyes and ears of Air Force members and citizens in the war on terror. It is akin to the national See Something, Say Something campaign that has been used to raise public awareness of the indicators of terrorism.

Eagle Eyes teaches people about the typical activities in which terrorists engage when planning attacks. Armed with this information, anyone can recognize elements of potential terror planning when they see it. The program provides a network of local, 24-hour phone numbers to call whenever a suspicious activity is observed.

The See Something, Say Something campaign encourages everyone to exercise vigilance and report suspicious activities. When reporting suspicious activities, take note of the location, time, equipment, size, type of activity, and description of appearance for those involved. Consider the following suspicious behaviors or characteristics:

• Someone recording or monitoring base activities
• People or organizations attempting to gain information about military operations through the mail, online or in-person
• Someone or an organization testing security to assess strengths, weaknesses and protocols 
• Suspicious visitors wandering in the workplace
• People who appear to be mapping out routes and/or monitoring the timing of traffic lights
• People acquiring explosives, weapons, ammunition, timers or detonators as well as military supplies, such as uniforms, badges, flight manuals or any other controlled items

Law enforcement's ability to prevent a terrorist attack is significantly increased when members of the community report information to bolster intelligence. The safety of the community can be increased by paying attention to surroundings and reporting suspicious activities.

To report suspicious activities, call the 99th Security Forces Base Defense Operations Center at 702-652-2311 or the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at 702-652-3433. Base personnel may also contact the local law enforcement by dialing 911 or calling the FBI Las Vegas office at 702-385-1281. 

Real-time reporting leads to real-time response. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and law enforcement in general, is most effective when community engagement is in effect.

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