Nellis begins Red Flag 24-1

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Jimmy Cummings
  • 57th Wing Public Affairs

On January 15 over 30 units from across the U.S. Department of Defense, the Royal Air Force, and the Royal Australian Air Force will converge at Nellis for the start of Red Flag 24-1. 

The 414th Combat Training Squadron conducts Red Flag exercises to provide aircrews the experience of multiple, intensive air combat sorties in the safety of a training environment. This iteration of Red Flag provides unique training with an emphasis on readiness for high-end warfighting and strategic competition.

“Training prioritizes first timer’s combat missions, mission commander upgrades, integration and flag unique experiences that contribute most to readiness and partnering,” said Col. Eric Winterbottom, 414th CTS commander.

Aligning with the 2022 National Defense Strategy, Red Flag 24-1 will focus on the Indo-Pacific Theater and combating the pacing challenge alongside our allies and partners.

This large-scale exercise aims to improve collaboration and interoperability among joint and interagency partners, contributing to the operational effectiveness of our nation’s forces and those of our allies and partners.

“Participants will engage the 57th Wing’s professional aggressors, integrate with coalition core function forces, and learn keeping faith with Airman through personnel recovery operations,” said Winterbottom.

Winterbottom continued by stating this training is critical to enabling Airmen to function independently making the mission more resilient and survivable.

“Participants will lead and learn in the world’s best combat debrief, while writing the next chapter of the Red Flag’s heritage,” said Winterbottom.

The 414th CTS hosts Red Flag with a mission to maximize the combat readiness, capability, survivability and interoperability of participating units. They provide realistic, multi-domain training in a combined air, ground, space and electronic threat environment while providing opportunities for a free exchange of ideas between forces.