Captain Rebekah McLane to represent the 57th Wing at ACC Sword Athena 2021

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Zachary Rufus
  • 57th Wing Public Affairs

Capt. Rebekah McLane, RC-135 Weapons Instructor Course instructor, assigned to the 8th Weapons Squadron, was selected to represent the 57th Wing at the Air Combat Command (ACC) Sword Athena 2021 (SA2021) Forum.

SA2021 plans to use Mission Area Working Groups (MAWGs) to help generate short-, medium- and/or long-term solutions to female-, family- and human-centric issues submitted by ACC leadership, Airmen and personnel.  

Based on the priorities set by the ACC commander, current MAWG categories include mental health, workplace and training, family and children, and creating a safe psychological space in work centers. There are plans to include additional MAWGs for SA2021, including total force and spouse inclusivity, specifically for male and same-sex spouses.

McLane will work within the MAWG, focusing on creating workplaces that promote and practice psychological safety and inclusive workplaces that do not tolerate behaviors such as shaming, bullying, gender bias and racial discrimination.

“A psychologically safe workplace fosters a sense of belonging, feedback and creativity,” said McLane. “Within the MAWG, I will be working to ensure ACC units foster a positive and psychologically safe environment, so that our Airmen feel empowered to solve the biggest problems faced by the Air Force both today and tomorrow.”

McLane’s vision for the Psychological Safety MAWG is for all members of the Air and Space Force to feel connected to the mission of their respective units, allowing Airmen and Guardians to comfortably raise concerns, ask for help if needed and show up as themselves every day.

Since selection, McLane has been preparing her solution proposals and collecting topic contributions from other 57th Wing personnel.

One idea that McLane plans to introduce at the forum is the development of an educational program for postpartum Airmen and parents. The program is designed to ensure Airmen and parents are aware of the tools and resources available to them on base, as well as privileges afforded by Air Force Instructions. This initiative will assist with easing the reintegration into the workplace, following primary/secondary caregiver leave.

“I want to apply my creativity, work ethic and skills toward tackling and creating solutions to female-, family- and human-centric issues,” said McLane.

Stationed at Nellis since 2019, McLane feels a strong connection to the base, its Airmen and the diverse missions it supports.

“I am extremely honored to represent the 57th Wing at the ACC Sword Athena Conference,” said McLane. “I am very fortunate to have leaders who mentored and supported me in all of my work and personal aspirations. I take this opportunity very seriously and aim to make changes that positively impact Airmen and civilians in their daily lives.”