Kicking off 2021 Air Force Assistance Fund with a blast

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Alexandre Montes
  • Nellis Air Force Base Public Affairs

As the morning sun rose over the mountains surrounding Nellis AFB, 5K run participants began with a slight warm-up before starting their AFAF Color Run. One of those runners was Col. Todd Dyer, 99th Air Base Wing commander, and his family. He led the start of the race with a few remarks about the AFAF and its importance.

“The Air Force Assistance Fund is what one may call a ‘by us, for us’ campaign, where four charities work to benefit Airmen, Guardians and their families,” said Dyer.

Those four charities are as follows: the Air Force Aid Society, the Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation, the Financial Support for Officer Widow, the Air Force Enlisted Village, and the General & Mrs. Curtis LeMay Foundation.

Some may confuse the AFAF with the Combined Federal Campaign. Though they serve a similar purpose, the AFAF was created to serve the Air and Space Force.

Each base has several volunteers as representatives to assist with the fund.

“Our base goal for this year is to raise $130,000,” said Dyer. “A key worker from your unit, agency, squadron or group will be visiting each work center to provide further information on how your money is being invested, answer any questions you may have and provide you the opportunity to donate, if you should choose to do so.” 

The phrase “taking care of our own” drives this cause, but it can’t be done by just a few. Historically, the average Air Force base has had between a 9 and 30% participation rate, Dyer and his team are encouraging max participation this year.  

“I believe our Nellis community is more than capable of rising to the occasion,” said Dyer. “It is Chief Morgan’s and my hope that everybody gives thoughtful consideration to investing in each other by way of donating their time or earnings. You’d be surprised the difference every cent makes for an Airman and/or Guardian in need.”

For more information and how you can assist your fellow wingman, contact your unit representative or visit