Retiree Services and Information

Welcome Military & DoD Retirees! 
A special welcome is in store for all military and DoD retirees at Nellis AFB. You will find that Nellis AFB has great people and great services for your retirement years in the Las Vegas area. 

We have assembled links and information on this fact sheet as your first stop for all retiree related information for both Air Force retirees and retirees of other U.S. military branches and the Department of Defense. Consult this fact sheet as a central clearinghouse for all Nellis retiree services and facilities...and enjoy your online visit!

Driving & Cell Phones 
Using a hand-held cell phone while driving on base is now prohibited. Violators will receive a citation.

Required Seat Belt Use 
Everyone driving on Nellis AFB, Creech AFB, and the Nevada Test and Training Range, and all vehicle passengers, must wear seat belts. Failure to comply will result in the following:
 - First Offense: Citation, four points, and the loss of base driving privileges for 30 days

 - Second Offense: Citation, four points, and loss of driving privileges for 90 days

 - Third Offense: Citation, four points, and loss of driving privileges for one year.

Retiree Activities Office 
Your Retiree Activities Office is located in room 135 of building 20, 99th Mission Support Squadron, with operating hours of 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The Retiree Activities Office is seeking volunteers to serve in various areas of Nellis AFB, to include the fitness center, base library, Retiree Office, and other offices in order to provide unlimited support to the Nellis community. Please call 652-9978 for further information.

Aircraft & Base Tours 
General tour information is available in the Questions section of this Web site or call Public Affairs at (702) 652-2750. 

There is always a wide range of aircraft at Nellis Air Force Base, especially during Red Flag operations with both American forces and its allies. 

Billeting & Lodging Information
Military lodging reservations are made through Nellis lodging at DSN 682-2711, commercial (702) 652-2711 or e-mail   

Clubs - Officers and Enlisted 
The Nellis Officers' Club and Enlisted Club are online. They provide an online calendar of special events, great dinner and lunch specials, catering information, recipes and general club information. Phone (702) 644-2582. See the Force Support Squadron website for  more information.

We open at 7:30 a.m. for military in uniform and physically challenged. The store provides 66,300 square feet. of shopping space and carries in excess of 19,000 line items. We have 22 regular check-outs and 4 self-check outs, additionally we offer a full-service deli, in-store bakery and rotisserie chicken.

Contracting Opportunities 
One of  our goals is to increase your ability to do business with the Air Force by offering another mode of communication for Vendors and by providing an additional medium for doing business. Read the Contracting with Nellis AFB fact sheet or call 702 652-3360. 

Volunteer Opportunities
The Retiree Affairs Office has received a request from the legal office to provide them with a list of volunteer witnesses. The legal office is sometimes called out to support active-duty members or retirees who are in the hospital and need a will or power of attorney. The legal office provides the notary but they also require witnesses to travel from their homes to a hospital on short notice. We agreed to try to establish a database of volunteers from which they can select a volunteer near the needed location. If you are interested in becoming a member of the volunteer database, please contact the Retiree Affairs Office at 702 652-9978 or 8712 or e-mail us at

The Retiree Affairs Office is constantly in need of volunteers to provide counseling to retirees. If you are a retiree, spouse of a retiree, widow or widower (with previous military retiree spouse), and would like to assist retirees with their problems and benefits, please contact us at the above telephone number or e-mail. RAO volunteers are asked to work three hours per week in room 135 of building 20 (Mission Support Building) where they counsel other retirees. Each volunteer will be fully trained before they start. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Three-hours shifts run from 9 a.m.-noon and noon -3 p.m.

Employment Opportunities 
Did you know Uncle Sam rewards retirees for their military service by giving them a veteran's preference for federal jobs? Yes - this is another great benefit for service to your country. 

For information about civilian employment at Nellis visit the Air Force Personnel Center Web pages. All civilian jobs for Nellis are administered by the Air Force Personnel Center located at Randolph AFB.  They maintain a listing of all open positions and the procedure to apply. For other personnel matters call the civilian personnel office at 702 652-5212 

For other federal jobs information: USA Jobs  

Join the team of the the 99th Services Squadron. They offer Non-appropriated Fund positions, which offers extensive benefits package to their regular employees, such as vacation and sick leave (leave accrual depends on length of service), holiday pay; health, life, and United States Air Force NAF Retirement & 401(k) Savings Plan. 

Exchange Services 
Nellis' main base exchange (BX) and shopping mall is the largest exchange in the United States and one of the most attractive and well-stocked.  A full line of quality general and specialty merchandise is available 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Saturday.

Social Security Registration
 Have you been putting off getting a corrected Social Security card or requesting a duplicate for the one you lost, or getting a number for your new child? The Retiree Affairs office help in taking care of Social Security business!

Veterans Administration 
 - Online Application for Disability
 - Disability & Health Benefits
 - Death Benefit

Please use the base hospital number to obtain information about medical services. Information about the TriCare program is available online, including TriCare Prime, Extra and Standard. Visit the Mike O'Callahan Federal Hospital  Web page to learn about eligibility and the benefits of each TriCare program. Phone (702) 653-2778 for hospital appointments. 

Armed Forces Retirement Home 
The Nellis Retiree Activities Office has current information on the Armed Forces Retirement Home located in Washington D.C. and Gulfport Mississippi. Interested retirees should visit the RA Office located in room 135, building 20, 99th Mission Support Squadron." 

Base Newspaper (Bullseye)
For the latest news, events and announcements, visit the Bullseye Web site. Placing classified ads in the Bullseye is available through Public Affairs (702) 652-2750. 

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US Government Search Engines 

The official government search engine, this site consolidates 20,000 government Web sites and arranges them by topic, such as Money and Taxes, Healthy People and the U.S. in the World.

Google Search: Uncle Sam
Searches .gov and .mil sites. When a site is inaccessible, a cache feature pulls up a backup version.

Government Guide
Search AOL's government directory.
Search U.S. Government Information Servers using the The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval/U.S. Business Advisor govbot database. You can also view a list of predefined searches by category.

GPO Access
Search GPO full-text databases, including the Federal Register, Congressional Bills and the U.S. Code.
Searches .gov sites. Like Google it, offers a caching feature.
Searches .mil sites. it offers a caching feature

Afterburner Address Change
To change your address for the Afterburner  

Retirees - Those members in receipt of or entitled to retired pay, including retirees whose pay (part or all), comes from the VA or from Civil Service because of combined federal service), mail to: 

U. S. Military Retirement Pay
P.O. Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130
Phone: 1 (800)321-1080 or FAX: 1(800) 469-6559  

SBP/RSFPP annuitants - Those surviving spouses who are in receipt of or entitled to a Survivor Benefit Plan/Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan annuity (this includes surviving spouses of retirees who were enrolled in SBP/RSFPP but who are receiving SBP in lieu of the SBP/RSFPP, mail to:
U.S. Military Annuitant Pay
P.O. Box 7131
London, KY 40742-7131
Phone: 1(800)321-1080 or FAX: 1(800) 982-8459
Include your Social Security number and sign your request. 

Non-SBP/RSFPP annuitants -- Surviving spouses of retirees who were not enrolled in either the Survivor Benefit Plan/Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan (but who may or may not be receiving a DIC pension from the VA), mail the new address and include the sponsor's retired grade and SSN to: 
550 C Street West Ste 3
Randolph AFB TX 78150-4713 
This office is not manned to take changes of address by telephone but they may be faxed to (210) 565-2322. Your telephone number should also be included.