Joint Center for Electromagnetic Readiness

The Joint Center for Electromagnetic Readiness (JCER) organization is one of the Joint Electronic Warfare (EW) organizations aligned under U.S. Strategic Command's Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Operations Center (JEC). In accordance with Combatant Command priorities, JCER assesses readiness of joint electromagnetic spectrum operations (JEMSO) capabilities, identifies gaps and limitations, and develops mitigation strategies and solutions. JCER supports the vision for a Joint Force optimally positioned to achieve EMS dominance for decades.

JCER was originally known as Joint Electronic Protection for Air Combat (JEPAC) and began as a joint test in August, 2007, located at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. The Director, Operational Test and Evaluation chartered the three-year joint test, which addressed the specific issue of proliferating electronic warfare capabilities in adversarial air combat systems. During the test, JEPAC leveraged NORTHERN EDGE Exercises in the Pacific Alaskan Range Complex to develop joint tactics, techniques and procedures to counter the effects of advanced electronic attack waveforms. The joint test was completed in September 2010 and the organization transitioned to a permanent entity as part of US Strategic Command's JEMSO Office, under the Global Operations Directorate. The Command kept the name JEPAC but changed the Joint Test acronym to Joint Electromagnetic Preparedness for Advanced Combat. In 2020, the organization changed its name to JCER to better reflect its evolving mission focus on JEMSO readiness as laid out in the Secretary of Defense’s 2020 Electromagnetic Superiority Strategy Implementation Plan.