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Airman and Family Readiness Center

The Airman and Family Readiness Center serves as a one-stop information and referral center for single, married, active-duty, Guard, Reserves, civilians who work on base, and retired members as well as their families. One of its major functions is linkage--ensuring Team Nellis personnel and their families are connected with the appropriate service on and off base. Call the A&FRC for assistance anytime you have a question and do not know where to find the answer.

A&FRC Services and Activities:
· Relocation Services
· Personal and Family Readiness
· Air Force Aid Society
· Personal Financial Readiness
· Personal and Work Life Education
· Exceptional Family Member Support
· Volunteerism
· Airman's Attic
· Career Development
· Transition to Civilian Life
· School Liaison Officer
· Casualty Assistance (located in the Military Personnel Flight, Building 20)

Discovery Resource Center (DRC)
The DRC, located in the Nellis A&FRC, can provide general information and offers self-study resources on a variety of topics. The DRC computers are hooked up to QOLNET and allow personnel to check personal email that is not accessible on .mil computers.

A sampling of services:
· Internet access for relocation, employment, e-mail, etc.
· Videos
· Books
· Pamphlets
· Fax services

Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC)
MFLCs are here to listen and are available to help address deployment/reintegration issues, marriage and relationship issues, stress and anxiety, etc. Except for certain "duty to warn" situations, consultations are anonymous and no records are kept. Nellis personnel call (702) 274-4184 or (702) 274-4249 and Creech personnel (702) 274-3852 for an appointment.

Military One Source
1-800-342-9647 (Available 24/7) www.militaryonesource.com
Military One Source can provide you with information and resources that can help improve many areas of your life, from personal to professional. They do more than give you information...they help you take action with materials that get you thinking and tools that help you set things in motion.
Military One Source can also arrange for active duty and family members to receive 12 face-to-face counseling sessions free of charge, if counseling is needed.

Relocation Services
New to the Nellis area or getting ready to PCS? A&FRC Relocation Assistance is available to assist you. Stop by and check out a variety of information on your new community.

Sponsorship Training is available on-line at http://apps.militaryonesource.mil/esat and will make newly assigned sponsors more effective at welcoming new people.

Workshops & Resources
· Whazzup Nellis? Newcomer Spouse Orientation
· Personalized relocation counseling
· Childcare for PCS - 20 hours of free childcare regardless if you are coming or going
· Loan Closet - has household items such as dish kits, air beds, small appliances, car seats, etc.
· "Free or Cheap Things to Do in Las Vegas"
· Sponsorship Packages - personalized based on needs of incoming member and family members
· Personal Financial Management for budgeting, credit reporting, home-buying, and emergency assistance

Helpful Relocation Links:
· Useful local contact numbers
· Military OneSource has a wealth of information on relocation, personal finance, family matters, and much more
· Explore Military Installations to learn about your next assignment and access base guides
· Plan My Move is an online moving tool to simplify your PCS
· Nellis Base Housing
· Automated Housing Referral Network is sponsored by DoD
· Personal Property/Transportation Management Resources for your PCS
· Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
· DoD Housing Assistance Program
· Military Youth on the Move
· Change of Address
· Public School search and statistics
· TRICARE Service Area Enrollment

Local Relocation Links:
· City of Las Vegas
· City of North Las Vegas
· City of Henderson
· Las Vegas Relocation Guide
· Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper
· Crime Statistics
· Clark County School District
· Magnet School Program in Clark County School District
· Department of Motor Vehicles

Personal and Family Readiness
The Airman and Family Readiness Center promotes family preparedness through education and participation in readiness support. Families are also provided assistance during extended absences of the military member, emergencies, and natural disasters.

Pamphlets, books and videos discuss how to prepare for deployment, cope with separation, and come back together as a family. A&FRC staff works through units, spouse support groups, and with individuals to provide advice and help.

Briefings at Nellis
· Pre-Deployment Briefs: Mandated for deployers. Bring your spouse! The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 0800 in Building 811
· Welcome Home: Mandated for returning deployed members (spouses welcome) within 72 hours of return and held every Monday and Thursday from 0900-1100 in the Base Chapel Basement, unless it is a holiday.

Services for Deployed Families
· GIs Helping GIs is a group of volunteers that provide a helping hand. Contact your First Sergeant or the A&FRC
· Hearts Apart Morale Calls entitles you to four fifteen-minute calls per month
· Car Care Because We Care provides a free oil, oil filter, and lubrication for deployments over 30 days
· Give Parents a Break provides free childcare for deployed families once a month
· E-mail Listing will keep you in the know!

Special Activities for Deployed Families
· Monthly Activities for Deployed & Remote Families
· Deployed Spouses Supporting Deployed Spouses Group
· Married without Children
· Monthly Deployed & Remote Dinner at dining facility
· Special classes for reintegration, building and maintaining relationships and more

Air Force Aid Society (AFAS)
Military members and their families faced with financial emergencies can receive assistance from the Air Force Aid Society. AFAS provides interest-free loans for emergency needs such as basic living expenses, car repair, emergency travel and other personal emergencies. Any active duty military installation can provide assistance if you are not near an Air Force base. Call the Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337 for financial assistance after duty hours or if you're not near a military installation.

Active duty personnel, family members, retirees, as well as guard and reserve on active duty orders for more than 15 days are served by this society.

Learn more about AFAS and/or begin your request for assistance by completing the AFAS application on-line.

AFAS also provides educational and family assistance through such services as:
· Car Care Because We Care
· Child Care for PCS
· General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program
· Give Parents a Break
· Respite Care Program

Personal Financial Readiness
The Personal Financial Readiness Program offers information and referral, educational programs and counseling on financial planning, money management, financial assessment, CSB/Redux, consumer protection and credit management. After evaluating your overall financial situation, the A&FRC staff assists in exploring ways to increase your income, better manage your current income, or save for the future. We offer several classes as well as specialized one-on-one assistance to address your needs. Whether you need assistance with managing your money or want to learn how to invest, we are here to assist!

Individual Information & Referral
· Budgeting
· Consumer Information
· Credit/Credit Issues
· CSB/Redux
· Debt Management Counseling & Referral
· Car Buying

· Moving on Up and Out of the Dorm
· Financial Foundations: Budgeting, Credit, Investing to include Thrift Savings Plan
· Home Buying Seminar

Personal and Work Life Education
The Personal and Work Life Education Program has informational booklets on many subjects, including information on relationships, parenting, single parents' handbook, blended families, families with special needs, child development and conflict resolution. 

Ready, Set, Grow
is a parent/toddler support group that is a great way to meet people with similar interests and held every Monday from 10 to 11 a.m.

Explore and Learn meets for 8 sessions on Tuesdays and is geared toward families with special needs children under school age.

Heart Link--AF 101 for Spouses is a fun-filled day of interactive games, presentations and prizes to help strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. This class is held four times a year with FREE childcare and lunch!

Key Spouse Program is a partnership between the Key Spouse, unit leadership and the A&FRC. Unit leadership empowers a volunteer to assist with quality of life programs and services directed at family members. Key Spouses are formally appointed by the unit commander, but interested spouses should let their commander know that they would like to be a Key Spouse. We conduct Key Spouse training quarterly.

Preparation for Parenthood is a four week course for expectant parents. The classes are held three times per year on Mondays from 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. They will provide you with lots of handouts, free samples and a baby bundle at the end of the class.

Special Parenting classes held throughout the year!

Exceptional Family Member Support Program
The Exceptional Family Member Program -- Family Support (EFMP- FS) is designed to provide support to military family members through a variety of personnel, medical, and family support functions. EFMP-FS is the community support function provided by the A&FRC that includes, but is not limited to, on-and-off base information and referral, parent trainings, support groups, relocation assistance, financial management, respite care, and school information. The Exceptional Family Member Program is standard and mandatory for all DoD active-duty service members. It is meant to identify family members with special medical and/or educational needs. There are several support organizations for EFMP families assigned to Nellis AFB, including the EFMP parent support group that meets the third Wednesday from 1100-1200 at the A&FRC.

The mission of the volunteer program is to meet the needs of both for our mutual benefit. Volunteer services benefit the base and the individual.

Why Volunteer?
· To help others
· To get to know your community
· To make friends
· To increase your self-esteem and gain confidence
· To keep busy
· To gain work experience
· To refresh skills before reentering the job market
· To have time away from the kids and they away from you
· Recognition

The Base Wide (BW) VRP is managed by a contractor who works in the A&FRC and can assist in identifying volunteer opportunities outside of the A&FRC. Visit the Airman and Family Readiness Center if you are interested in volunteering on base or downtown or check out www.nellis.af.mil/volunteer.asp for volunteer opportunities both on base and in the community. The BWVRP is responsible for the BW volunteer recognition program. We can assist you in finding a position that fits your personal needs within the A&FRC or recommend other volunteer opportunities.

The A&FRC pays for childcare and utilizes Family Day Care Providers (your choice) for those that volunteer in the A&FRC. We have volunteer positions in the A&FRC as a receptionist and program assistant in all of our service areas.

We have volunteer positions in the A&FRC as a receptionist and program assistant in all of our service areas.

The A&FRC also manages the Airman's Attic of which is solely staffed by volunteers and the hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 1000-1400. If you or your organization would like to volunteer, even for a few hours, please contact the A&FRC at 652-3327.

The Airman's Attic goal is to recycle household items and furniture by making them available to active duty E-4s and below and their families. It is maintained by donations only, and all items are FREE! Items taken are limited to 9 small items and 1 large item or 12 small items each month.

Career Development

The Career Focus Program assists with career planning, improving job search skills and identifying vocational interests. Career Focus Services are offered through information, classes, one-on-one assistance, and job skills training to enhance employment.

· Resume Tips and Job Search in Las Vegas
· Resume Workshops
· How to Find and Apply for Federal Employment
· Job Fairs
· Starting a Small Business
· Marketing Yourself for a Second Career

Individual Services
· Local Job Announcements
· Resume Review
· Interview Preparation

Discovery Resource Center (DRC)
This DRC offers excellent resources and an Information/Referral Specialist to assist you.

Resources include:
· Computers for Job Search Activities
· Internet Access/E-mail
· Fax Services
· Scholarship Resources
· Business and Professional Periodicals
· Self-help Books & DVDs

Transition Assistance Program
The Transition Assistance Program equips separating/retiring military members with the skills and knowledge for the next chapter of their career...reentry into the civilian workforce. Transition Assistance Services provide the tools needed to conduct a successful self-directed job search. The program consists of briefings, variety of workshops, individual assistance and numerous resources.

Turbo TAP - Your Connection to Money, Benefits, Jobs

· 5-Day Transition Assistance Program Seminar
·· Seminar is mandatory for separating members and voluntary for retiring members with 20+ years and
Wounded Warriors
· Resume Tips and Job Search in Las Vegas Workshop
· Starting a Small Business
· Marketing Yourself for a Second Career
· How to Find and Apply for Federal Employment
· Executive Transition Assistance Program Seminar (for O-6s and above)
· Chiefs' Transition Assistance Program Seminar


· Pre-separation/Retirement Brief (DoD Mandated Brief that should be accomplished at least 90 days prior to separation/retirement)
· Veterans Affairs' Disabled Transition Assistance Program

Individual Services
· Career Assistance
· Resume Critique
· Wounded Warrior 

Discovery Resource Center (DRC)
This DRC offers excellent resources and an Information/Referral Specialist to assist you.

Resources include:
· Computers for Job Search Activities
· Internet Access/E-mail
· Fax Services
· Scholarship Resources
· Business and Professional Periodicals
· Self-help Books & Videos/DVDs

School Liaison Officer (SLO)
The School Liaison Officer or SLO is the chief advocate for the educational needs of military-connected children associated with Nellis and Creech Air Force Bases. The SLO provides guidance to service members, dependents, and civilians regarding enrollment, placement, graduation, and eligibility for extracurricular activities at local K-12 schools.
Although the majority of military children attend traditional public schools, SLO assistance extends to several other local education alternatives, including home education/home schooling, private schools, public charter schools, and cyber/virtual schools.
More information about the local K-12 education, including monthly newsletters and the Nellis and Creech Military Child Education Guide can be found here.

Casualty Assistance
Our mission is to provide prompt reporting, dignified and humane notification, and efficient, thorough, and compassionate service to the Nellis and surrounding military community. We are here to service active duty, retired and dependents in the areas of casualty benefits and the Survivor Benefit Program (SBP).

The Survivor Benefit Program provides peace of mind knowing the election cannot be cancelled because of declining health or advanced age. It provides a tax savings to the member (SBP premiums are not taxed). It provides coverage with the government sharing in the cost of the Plan (subsidized). It provides your beneficiary a guaranteed steady source of income after the member's death with regularly adjustments for inflation, and can NEVER run out. The retiree's pay stops on the date of their death, and SBP is the only means to provide a portion of the retiree's income to the surviving spouse/children.

Point of Contact:
Casualty Services and Survivor Benefit Plan
4475 England Ave, Bldg 20, room 115
Nellis AFB, NV 89191

702-652-5972 or 702-652-9428
Fax: 702-652-5274

Airman and Family Readiness Center
4311 N. Washington Blvd.
Nellis AFB, NV 89191