31st Combat Training Squadron

The 31st Combat Training Squadron (Virtual Test and Training Center) was ceremonially activated April 9, 2021, at Nellis Air Force Base. The VTTC is a USAF capability that will support a path to National Defense Strategy readiness. It is assigned to the Nevada Test and Training Range, United States Air Force Warfare Center and provides a vital capability to enable warfighters to experience and dominate today's threats; execute tactics, techniques, and procedures; and integrate 4th, 5th, and next generation technologies across all domains.



We enhance, sustain, and operate the most advanced synthetic environment to optimize warfighting capabilities and ready aircrew



Command the world’s most relevant synthetic test and training capability, which enables realistic and high-fidelity test and training in a seamless and connected synthetic environment


Virtual Test and Training Center

The Virtual Test and Training Center includes simulation equipment representing the Air Force's current and future fighting force. These simulators are part of a campus focused on providing the most immersive and effective battlespace simulation available within the Department of Defense. The modeling and simulation capabilities supported by the VTTC enable a critical capability to the warfighter, which allow Combat Air Forces to quickly adapt to adversary environments and perform test and training iterations, incorporating new capabilities or tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure the USAF team is ready to fly, fight, win.


(Current as of Oct 2022)