99th Medical Group


Always Ready!


Delivering Outstanding Care… Every Person, Every Time, Everywhere!


The 99th Medical Group—also known as the Mike O'Callaghan Medical Center—is comprised of approximately 1800 personnel who are dedicated to providing preventive, emergency and acute care services for approximately 48,000 beneficiaries.

We are committed to operational readiness, outstanding customer service, and always delivering world-class health care. 

The Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center is one of the Air Force’s leading academic and medical centers of excellence. Our partnerships with the Uniformed Services University, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, University Medical Center, and VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System brings expanded opportunities for medical skill enhancement, medical research and improved care to our patients. Providing high quality training to our physicians, nurses and other health care professionals affords leading-edge research, setting the standards for patient care, and promoting medical advancements that our patients deserve and will benefit patients around the world.


The ground breaking for this facility occurred in July 1991 and the doors opened in July 1994. In November 1996, the facility was dedicated as the “Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital” in honor of Nevada’s 23rd Governor.  The facility holds the distinct honor of being the nation’s first hospital to be funded, planned, and built as an operational joint venture with the VA.  In 2011, the Air Force Medical Service upgraded Nellis to a medical center, bringing significant additional resources to the Nellis community.  In January 2012, the facility was officially renamed the “Mike O’Callaghan Federal Medical Center” (MOFMC).  The VA opened a new hospital in 2013 and departed from the MOFMC, leading the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act to rename the facility “Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center.”  The two facilities continue supporting one another via support agreement for select specialty and inpatient care services.