820th RED HORSE Squadron

The 820th RED HORSE Squadron (RHS) is a self-sufficient, 345-person engineering and logistics unit comprised of thirty-eight mission support AFSCs and is located at Nellis Air Force Base and provides full-spectrum construction capabilities worldwide. The squadron reports to the 800th RED HORSE Group and is one of four active-duty RED HORSE Squadrons in the Air Force. RED HORSE stands for Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer.


The RED HORSE Airman is the quintessential multi-functional Airman.  In addition to having representation from every civil engineer specialty, the team also possesses supporting entities such as vehicle maintenance, materiel management, fleet management, logistics plans, air transportation, personnel, services, communications, medical, security forces and joint Service members from both the Army and the Navy. While every Airman has their unique Air Force Specialty, they are all collectively capable of reaching across other career fields to accomplish the task at hand. All RED HORSE personnel share the same overarching mission of providing war-fighting platforms to combatant commanders through the completion of construction and/or heavy repair projects…no matter the threat level, location, or environment.


RED HORSE Airmen execute troop training projects both locally at Nellis Air Force Base as well as other installations worldwide to test their wartime logistics capabilities and to refine their construction skills. The unit possesses the cradle-to-grave design-build capabilities to include site assessment, design, planning, procurement, and construction for both vertical and horizontal requirements. Typical vertical projects include K-Spans, pre-engineered buildings, and concrete masonry block buildings used for various mission purposes, from administrative buildings to aircraft hangars. Specific horizontal requirements include heavy earthwork, construction, and major repair of concrete and asphalt pavements. The 820 RHS also maintains specials capabilities to execute quarry operations and explosive demolition, water-well drilling, concrete batch plant operations, and asphalt batch plant operations.


The 820 RHS provides a rapid response force to meet emerging missions and threats that arise around the globe. Combatant commanders expect RED HORSE to provide expedient engineering, airfield and facility assessments, and repairs to damaged infrastructure. The CAN DO, WILL DO, HAVE DONE mentality, flexibility, mobility, and capabilities of RED HORSE allow for follow-on forces and materiel resources to conduct contingency operations and enable the Air Force’s mission--anytime, anywhere…


(Current as of October 2022)