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The 99th Medical Group is comprised of approximately 1400 personnel who are dedicated to providing preventive, emergency and acute care services for approximately 11,000 active-duty members and their dependents.  Health care services are also provided directly or coordinated for over 40,000 retirees, their dependents or other eligible beneficiaries on a space-available basis.

Members of the 99th MDG operate a 50-bed medical center and are also part of a collaborative joint venture with the Department of Veterans Affairs addressing 78,000 DoD and VA beneficiaries healthcare needs.

The Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center (MOFMC) -- general information number (702) 653-2273 -- opened August 1994 and now provides the following services:  aerospace medicine, allergy, anesthesia, audiology, blood bank, cardiac cath lab, cardiology, cardiopulmonary, colorectal surgery, critical care unit, dental, dental specialties, dermatology, dialysis-acute, emergency department, endocrinology, family advocacy, family medicine, gastroenterology, health promotions, hematology, immunology, infectious disease, inpatient medical/surgical, inpatient obstetrics, internal medicine, laboratory, nephrology, neurology, nuclear medicine, nutritional medicine, occupational medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pain management, pastoral care, pathology, pediatrics, pharmacy, physical exams, physical therapy, plastic surgery, podiatry, psychiatry, psychology, public health, pulmonary, radiology, respiratory therapy, rheumatology, same day surgery, sleep lab, social work, surgery, ultrasound, urology, vascular surgery, women's health and wound care clinic.

Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center (MOFMC) Main Building

(702) 653-2273   (653-CARE)

The hospital has a centralized telephone appointment system.

Most hospital appointments are scheduled, cancelled and/or verified by calling 653-CARE (2273). This number will activate a voice system, which will direct you to the needed medical section.  In some cases, you will need to dial the clinic directly, so please be prepared to write down the phone number given.  Active-duty and TriCare Prime patients have priority in scheduling appointments.  All other patients may call for a space-available appointment Monday through Friday beginning at 7 a.m.

Acute appointments are available for patients who need to be seen on an urgent, same-day basis but are not considered emergencies.  We prefer active-duty members call for an appointment, as the primary care areas do not offer a group "sick call" style appointment.

Appointments with most subspecialty clinics require a referral.

Cancer Registry / SGSAHCR
2nd Floor (Inside the Dental Clinic)
Suite 1, Rooms 2528 and 2526

The purpose of our Cancer Program is to provide the highest quality of medical care and follow up for patients with cancer in the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center.  We are developing measures to improve the quality and length of life for our patients with cancer.  This will be accomplished through multidisciplinary approaches to early diagnosis, pre-treatment evaluation, staging, treatment and surveillance for recurrent and multiple primary cancers.

(702) 404-0992 / 0991
0730-1530, Monday-Friday
Closed 2nd Thursday of Month

We have limited appointments available for routine general dentistry.  Emergency care after duty hours provided by Nellis ER.

Viper Rd. Bldg. 1033
(702) 404-1142

The Creech Medical Aid Station consists of a small flight medicine, ambulance service, family health team and dental clinic.  CMAS provides routine medical/dental care to the entire base population.  Personnel eligible for medical care must be active duty or on active orders.  To schedule dental appointments at Creech call (702) 404-0991/0992 or contact via our Contact Us page.

For flyers sick call hours for acute illness and Return to Fly Status are:  Monday through Friday 0730-0830 and 1430-1500 only.  Non-Acute and routine medical appointments (including flight physicals) can be made weekdays by calling (702) 404-1126.

For non-flyers sick call hours for acute illness are:  Monday through Friday 0730-0830 and 1430-1500 only.  However, there is no morning sick call on the 1st and 2nd Thursday of the month.  Non-Acute and routine medical appointments can be made weekdays by calling (702) 653-CARE and requesting an appointment at Creech.

After duty-hours, flyers should go to the MOFMC/Nellis emergency room.  The flight surgeon on call will be notified of ER visits by flying personnel.  Should a flyer be seen in any ER or outside of the MOFMC/CMAS, it is their responsibility to notify the flight surgeon at the first Sick Call following the visit.  Flyers may NOT fly until cleared by a flight surgeon after receiving treatment in the ER or from a provider outside the hospital.

Hospital 2nd Floor
(702) 653-2600

General dentistry and selected specialty services are provided for active duty personnel.  Routine appointments are made following an examination to determine the type and extent of care required.  Periodic dental exams and cleanings are coordinated through unit monitors/schedulers.  Members desiring exams or cleanings beyond that offered with the periodic exam may request these services through the clinic.  Any treatment obtained from a civilian dentist, including elective care such as orthodontics, must be paid for by the member and coordinated with the clinic prior to initiating treatment.

Emergency dental care is defined as uncontrolled pain, bleeding, rapid swelling or significant trauma to the oral­facial structures.  Immediate emergency care is available for all beneficiary categories.  Patients wishing to be seen during sick call should call the appointment desk at (702) 653-2600 to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are not recommended, as they may have to wait until all scheduled sick call patients are seen.  After duty hours, a dentist and technician are on call for consultation and management of dental emergencies.  Patients must report to the emergency room during these times for initial triage and management by the medical staff.

Family Members and Retired Military Personnel

Family members and retirees receive treatment on a stand-by, space-available basis only (waiting in the clinic until a broken appointment or last­ minute cancellation occurs).  Treatment will be limited to exams, cleanings and other single-procedure visits.  Stand-by, space-­available care has been significantly curtailed by DoD and Air Force policy and is extremely limited.  Care guidelines are available at the clinic reception desk.  Non-active duty members are encouraged to seek care in the private sector.

Active duty members are encouraged to enroll their families in the TriCare Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan to ensure routine and emergency treatment needs are provided through civilian sources.  Enrollment in the dental plan is done through Customer Service at the Military Personnel Flight.

702-653-2340 or 702-653-2344

Emergency services for all ages are available 24 hours a day.  An emergency is defined as an acute illness or injury that may pose a threat to life, limb or eyesight; result in unreasonable pain or suffering; or requires immediate care or attention to ensure the best recovery possible.  When someone develops signs and symptoms of a stroke, heart attack, or other life threatening emergency then 911 should be called, or the person should report immediately to the nearest emergency facility.  If deemed medically appropriate, some patients will be taken to the nearest emergency department, instead of the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center.

The emergency department does not give medical advice over the phone, and if a person believes there is an emergency then 911 should be called, or they should report to a nearby emergency department.

VA beneficiaries may call the VA 24-hour Nursing Advice line at 1-877-252-4866 or the Call Center at (702) 791-9024 for assistance.

All patients will be assessed (triaged) as soon as possible on arrival to the Emergency Department.  Based on the acuity/severity and type of illness some patients may be seen sooner than others.  If medically appropriate, some patients may be referred for same day appointments to their enrolled primary clinic.  As an affiliated teaching facility of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, patients may be evaluated by medical students and residents in addition to the emergency department staff providers as well.

Non-beneficiaries will have a medical screening examination performed, and if necessary will be transferred to a civilian facility for further needed care.  After evaluation, if patients need continued inpatient care, they may be admitted.  If there are specific services or specialist care needed that is unavailable at the MOFMC, then patients may be transferred to an appropriate civilian facility for continued care.  The Emergency department staff will make all efforts to provide compassionate, timely care for all patients, regardless of the patient category (e.g. Tricare Prime, Tricare for Life, VA).

Health and Wellness Center
Appointment and Information -- (702) 653-3375

The Health Promotion Operations is responsible for administering the Air Force Health Promotions Program.  The objective is to furnish individuals with knowledge and skills that encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Services include tobacco cessation classes, fitness assessments, nutrition education, stress management, education on cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention.  Classes are also provided to distribute the self-care book Taking Care of Yourself.  All eligible beneficiaries and DoD civilians may participate in program services.

(702) 653-2410
0730-1630, Monday through Friday

The Immunization Clinic offers vaccines to all Active Duty, Retirees and Dependents from 2 months of age and up.  This includes vaccines for deployment, work and school.
  Travel Vaccines along with any needed antibiotics, etc. can be received in the Travel Clinic by appointment only.  Appointments can be made at the Travel Clinic for these vaccines at 653-3451.  When you make this appointment, please make it 2-3 months in advance of travel and take your shot record to your appointment. Some of the vaccines we offer have specific times that you may need to consider: ·Smallpox is given only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Be at the clinic no later than  1420. ·TB tests (PPD tests) are given every day but Thursdays; also please insure that you return to the clinic 48 - 72 hours after placement so that we can verify the results.

(702) 653-2825
Inpatient Coverage -- 24 / 7 / 365
Walk-in Collection -- 0700-1630, Monday through Friday

Appointment Line -- (702) 653-CARE (2273)
Clinic -- (702) 653-3010
0730-1630, Monday through Friday

For routine eye appointments, everyone needs to call the central appointment line at 653-2273.  The Optometry clinic front desk personnel will only schedule follow-up appointments.  If you have had an eye examination within the past year and need to have an out-of-state driver's license form (for mail renewals) filled out or gas mask insets ordered, you can do this on a walk-in basis during normal duty hours.

(702) 653-3201
0700-1700, Monday through Friday

4311 Carswell Ave, Bldg 340
(702) 653-2747
24-hour Refill Line -- (702) 652-5359   or   1-800-237-8981
0700-1700, Monday through Friday   (Open at 1030 the 2nd Thursday of each month)

New hand-written prescriptions may be filled at the satellite pharmacy.  Prescriptions from civilian providers will be filled if the medication is on the hospital's formulary - a listing of medication stocked.

Download the outpatient formulary, which is periodically updated.

Refills are available through a phone-in refill system and should be picked up at the drive through windows at the satellite pharmacy.  Listen to the automated message for changes in hours of operation and other important pharmacy information.

(702) 653-2197
0830-1600, Wednesday
0700-1600, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

The Preventive Health Assessment (PHA)/Individual Medical Readiness (PIMR) Center offers required annual preventive medical care to all non-flying Active Duty and Reserve beneficiaries.  Appointments are scheduled through squadron Unit Health Monitors.

PIMR Center technicians review medical records, check vital signs and administer the general Preventive Health Assessment.  They identify and coordinate required ancillary care such as immunizations and laboratory as well as needed examinations by a physician or occupational specialist.

Family Health Clinic (FHC)
Family Medicine Residency (FMR)
Internal Medicine
(702) 653-2273   (653-CARE)

The Family Medicine Residency offers a broad range of services to people of all ages, as we strive to be your "personal medical home", both in the clinic or on the inpatient ward.  Procedures offered include private obstetric care, minor skin surgery, colonoscopy, vasectomy, cardiac treadmill testing, and cervical colposcopy.  We serve all non-flying active duty, retirees and dependents.  We are staffed by Family Medicine training instructors, active duty/GS/contractor Family Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  We are actively growing in size and scope and look forward to serving you.

FMR offers care from 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.  FMR is closed on all federal holidays and Weekends.

Clinic -- (702) 653-3351
0730-1630, Monday through Friday

Public Health handles many diverse programs to ensure a healthy and fit Nellis community.  Members of this flight perform inspections of Nellis' food establishments, provide screening for communicable diseases; and manage the base occupational health, rabies and tuberculosis screening programs.  Public Health readiness ensures deploying members are medically cleared to deploy and provides education to reduce health risks at deployed locations.  The Force Health Management section is responsible for determining physical standards for special duty assignments, retraining, TDY, PCS and worldwide service in general.  Personnel needing assistance can schedule appointments through the Public Health main line.

(702) 653-2830
0730-1630, Monday through Friday

Vision:  Build the most efficient and premier filmless imaging department in the Air Force while providing staff education, training and patient care second to none anywhere...anytime.

Mission:  Provide the best Diagnostic Imaging services possible in support of the Joint AF/VA facility here or abroad.

Service Center -- 1-877-988-9378
Health Benefits Advisors Help Line -- (702) 653-2078   or   (702) 653-2129

TRICARE Service Center Walk-In Service no longer provided as of 1 April 2014.  However, as of 1 January 2014 you can conveniently manage you benefits at home or on the go via Web site.  TRICARE Service Center number is 1-877-988-WEST or and explore option "I want to...".  You can enroll in or purchase a plan, file or check or claim, view referral and prior authorizations, find a doctor, change your primary care manger, see what's covered, compare plans, or manage prescriptions.

You can also visit to update your e-mail and mailing address in DEERS and view eligibility, enrollment information, enrollment cards, and important correspondence about your benefits.

If you have any other TRICARE questions please call (702) 653-2129 or Health Benefits Advisors at (702) 653-2078.

4146 Mountain Home St
Appointments -- (702) 652-8836
0800-1500, Monday through Friday

The Nellis U.S. Army Veterinary Treatment Facility offers limited veterinary care for Active Duty, Retirees and their Dependents.  Services available are vaccinations, prep for overseas travel, Health Certificates and other limited services.

This facility does not provide surgical services, boarding or grooming.

Pets are seen on appointment-basis only.  We have a veterinarian here only 2-3 days a week.  Payments can be made in the forms of cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I check the status of my referral?

Internal referrals:
Stop by the Referral Management Center (RMC) front desk once your provider has entered a referral for you and before you depart the clinic.  This will permit the staff of the RMC to ensure the referral is visible to RMC staff and validate the contact information we will use to try to reach you.
  • For an URGENT or ASAP referral, within 3 days call the RMC at (702) 653-2273, Option 2.
  • For a ROUTINE referral, once 10 days have passed, call the RMC at (702) 653-2273, Option 2.
Audiocare is the automated calling system that is programmed to contact patients to schedule in-house referrals.  If the call to you goes to voicemail the automated machine leaves voicemail; to prompt you to call the RMC to schedule the specialty appointment.

External referrals:
If the referral is for a specialty not available at the MOFMC you can follow the status of your authorization on-line at  Using that site you can track not only authorizations but also review the status of your claim(s).

If you are tracking a network authorization please call UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans at 1-877-988-WEST (1-877-988-9378) for updates on the status of the authorization.

How do I contact referral management?

The RMC has a desk in the lobby of the MOFMC co-located with the Patient Administration and TRICARE.

The RMC has a phone number (702) 653-2273, Option 2.  The busiest hours and longest wait times on that phone line are from 0945-1400 or after a long weekend.

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