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No more are Airmen at Vance “painting the grass green” in preparation for an inspection or visit from higher headquarters. In fact, the 65 Air Education and Training Command inspectors who will visit the base May 11-18 are part of a capstone event called a Unit Effectiveness Inspection during which AETC inspectors will look into Vance’s ability to align mission readiness with inspection readiness. (U.S. Air Force illustration by 2nd Lt. Mikhail Berlin)

In the "old" days, wing preparation for major command inspectors was characterized by a lot of busywork to make things look nice for the inspectors. Just about everyone considers this "legacy" mindset a huge waste of time. Continuity books were built, hallways were swept, and grass was even painted green to convey the illusion of a well-tended operation. Don't let the Management Internal Control Toolset be the new "painted grass." You are "painting grass" if you click "Yes" 200 times and copy and paste excerpts of a regulation into the assessment notes. Instead of painted grass, we want healthy, watered, trimmed and weeded grass. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by 2nd Lt. Mikhail Berlin)

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nd Lt. Mikhail Berlin

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